Fat Belly to Flat Abs


Are you bored of having a fat belly? Then, get rid of that abdominal fat using abdominal fat burning exercises and workout is easy to get a flat belly. Lose belly fat easily and flatten your abs through these exercises. Several abdominal exercises may be considered to lose belly fat. The sit-ups and abdominal workouts can help.

There are some scientific studies that proper breathing can increase the rate of metabolism and it has a great help to control the weight. When we breathe, we inhale oxygen that moves through our bloodstream. Oxygen plays a major role in your abdominal burning fat.

In the period of your pregnancy, womb grows to accommodate the baby as the baby. Then the skin stretches that leaves the stretch marks. Exercises will slowly bring your stomach back into shape and shrink the skin. Do not overdo any exercise for immediate results. If the delivery was normal, you can start exercising within a few weeks. If the delivery was a caesarian, wait for your stitches to heal before you start cardio and ab workout and exercise. Such as; walk slowly regularly to strengthen your waistline. Practice yoga because it is beneficial to women especially to those new mothers. But be careful, do not stretch and over-twist yourself, it can cause harm to new mothers because may their wounds from the operation triggers. If you know swimming then starts swimming as an exercise. But it is highly recommended to ask first your gynecologist if are safe to do so.

Scissor kicks

Do you know what is that scissor kicks? Yeah it is an exercise. What is the significant of this certain exercise? Here it is, it can flatten you tummy for it press your tummy through extending your legs ups and downs.

To start, lay down your back on the floor with arms fully extended to your both sides arms facing down to the floor and it must stays there until exercise done. Slightly bend your knees, lift your both legs up for about six inches high from the ground as a starting position. Then, lift your leg up to 45 degree angle just like the form of a scissor while the other leg is lower down which your heel is about two to three inches high from the ground. Then, switch it by raising your right while the left is down and vice versa. Breathe regularly.

Hip raises

Hip raises, an exercise that focus on your abdominal muscles that protects your internal organs across to your front body across to your front body. This supports to your lower back. These may develop six-pack.

First thing to do with this exercise is to stretch your legs before you start to the proper exercise as well as your body for about three to five minutes. Wear comfortable footwear and cloth. Use mat to perform this. Lie your back with palms down near your hips. Rest your head down to the mat then lift your head together with you shoulder for about 1one to two inches. Extend your legs up while off the feet on the mat. Lift your hip up completely off from the mat. Then relax. Slightly, lower your legs down back to the first position, then; keep your back flat throughout the exercise.

Pulse ups

What is pulse up? Pulse up is an exercise that strengthens your abdominal muscles that runs vertically down to your stomach.

To start with this exercise, just like the first two, lie down your back on the mat then lift up your legs straightly upward. Then, lift up your hips ups & down slowly for few inches high from the mat.


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