Pete Evans – ‘The Paleo Way – Putting It All Into Practice’

Pete Evans is an award-winning Australian Chef, restaurateur, cookbook author and television presenter on Australia’s most popular show ‘My Kitchen Rules’.

Pete is one of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking and lifestyle and is dedicated to improving peoples lives through education about nutritional food and wellness. He embraces the Paleo lifestyle and has eliminated grains, sugar and dairy from his cooking.


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  1. janelle churchward

    you still need to supplement whether you eat healthy or not. Due to the continuous mineral loss in the soils the plants are not getting them all. Plants only need 3 to grow and human body requires 60 minerals which is the lions share. If you do not supplement it will only be a matter of time before something goes wrong. Dr Wallach discovered all of this decades ago that the body requires 90 essential nutrients everyday just to thrive and survive. food alone is a fools errand. You are right people need to start looking at what they are eating as there are 12 bad foods that should not pass anyones mouth.

  2. Dain Tree

    Way to go _ the health benefits for me have been enormous Low carb High Fat eating has reduced my weight by 30 kilos in 8 months.  Never hungry, blood pressure is now normal, pre diabetes has disappeared and look years younger.  Taking 80% less medication.  Have stopped eating all processed foods.  This type of eating was recommended by my dietitian prior to me investigating Pete Evans Paleo way.  Pete has just reinforced my new lifestyle and it is a change to my lifestyle and not a diet.  Way to go Pete.  You are also a wonderful chef.

  3. Tobacc0

    Just watched SBS do an appalling hit piece on Pete. Meanwhile, the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) webpage is telling me fat makes me fat so I should eat a high carb diet. The medical establishment is dangerously misinformed to the point of negligence.

  4. Laurence Clifford

    Paleo is a great diet a lot of variety for you to eat and I have to say, if you know how to cook, the food is great, I never eat pasta, rice, or bread, everything is fresh and nothing is processed. Couldn't live a more healthier way. I have a delicious bone broth for breakfast, heaps of bone marrow, n veg with a t spoon of turmeric every day yum.

  5. Andrew Glagau

    Hi Pete,
    I have a testimony that would blow your mind.
    Let me tell you in short.
    I used to be a diabetic for 12 years until recent months. I used to inject myself with insulin 18 units in the morning and 16 units at lunch and 18 units at Dinner as well as taking 2000 mg of Metformin per day (there was something wrong).
    I cut all sugars from my diet and began drinking fresh veggie smoothies and now I'm not diabetic and I lost 10+ kg and I feel great.
    I now am gluten free and began to make my own bone broth to heal my gut which I believe I have LGS (Leaky Gut Syndrome). I believe that today's wheat flour and breads are poison due to the way wheat is now processed. Over processed to make it last longer on supermarket shelves they take out the fibre and all nutrients.
    I have just recently bought your book "The complete Gut Health Cook Book".

  6. vgolfoz

    What a complete and utter dope this man is. Zero credibility. I am guessing this comment will get removed quick smart – just like how I was banned from commenting on his Facebook feed when all I did was ask simple questions. No abuse. Very polite. But after that, he completely lost me. Loves everyone agreeing with him but as soon as the hard questions are posed, he deletes them. Coward.

  7. Jefferdaughter

    A note on eggs:  A number of people in the USA who have reacted badly to eggs, and assumed they were allergic to them, or their physician or other expert told them they were, later discovered they were ~not~ allergic to eggs from hens on pasture eating a diet w/out herbicide, pesticide, or fungicide residues.  The major difference, however, seems to be that these eggs are either not washed – as clean eggs from clean nests do not need to be washed, and keep better that way Or, they are washed with a bit more care on small, family operated farms, so the eggs are not contaminated with egg wash solutions, which will easily go through the pores in the shells if not done properly.We don't think of eggshells as being porous, but the chicks have to breathe before they hatch.  If the egg wash solution is adequately warmed, the contamination should be minimal at least in theory – but if the egg wash solution is colder than the egg, the egg contracts inside the shell, pulling the chemical egg wash solution through the pores into the egg.Why producing food without the use of toxic and/or synthetic chemical substances is such a radical notion these days is beyond me.  (Or preventing foods from coming into contact with synthetic chemicals, including packaging- as BPA is not the only dangerous substance transferring from containers to foods.  Glass, btw, is a naturally occurring material.) From a nutritional standpoint, eggs are one of the few nearly 'perfect' foods, (along with a few other foods demonized by some).  It's worth the effort and a little extra money to get QUALITY eggs, and see how our bodies respond to them.  They taste better, too!

  8. Catharina Bellekom

    Hi Pete. I take this opportunity to tell you that I agree with you whole heartedly about the sun blocks people are using.
    I saw you were rediculed with "Shame on you, to use your postion to say such things." But you are 100% right the stuff people are using accually causes skin cancer, making lots of money for everyone who are selling this poisen stuff and of course the pharmaceutical establishment. I am not sure about the paleo diet but I wish you good luck. From New Zealand.

  9. Caroline Charleston

    What about all the research linking red meat consumption to cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Excess animal consumption is bad for the environment and torture for animals. The Japanese are the slimmest, longest lived people in the world. They eat mainly vegetables, rice and noodles with little meat, mainly fish. I like Pete and wish him well but i look at scientific evidence. Often in Japanese restaurants, seeing the Asians enjoying their soba noodles and sushi rice in their super skinny jeans size 8 jeans. Portions are small. Also cut dairy? Lacey Stone trainer to the stars said the women on fad or extreme diets suffer from cracked bones in their feet when she makes them squat with a barbell. Pete profits from this diet. Low carb diet invented in America. Americans eat four times more meat than any other country. Visit a nutritionist if your not sure.

  10. Francescka Bronte

    Go Pete. Exactly – nutrition is your job. Most chefs have forgotten the reason for food and dont want to understand it. Most doctors dont understand it either. But nutrition is also their job. Theyre just conveniently not taught cos it dont sell pills. Im raw vegan not paleo but appreciate your work Pete. Blessings.

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