37 Replies to “How to fix Low Carb and Keto “flu” so you don’t quit your plan!!!!”

  1. Emma Ferguson

    I fixed my headaches by doubling my bullet coffee. the caffeine restricted my blood vessels and cured that completely. I still feel very weak though and don't know how to regain strength in my body. baring in mind I've only just begun walking after 6 months in a wheelchair.

  2. vivian nguyen

    I'm on my 24th day and I still have that mental cloudiness. I don't have any problem going to the gym – strength and conditioning is still there but i feel mentally drained. I'm on top of my eating i.e. fats, carbs, and protein. I really love this way of eating that being said, is this normal? I hate to have to give it up!

  3. Jeremy Olson

    Thank you for your perspective and experience! I am on the eve of day 5 of keto. Had an incredibly profound low carb flu episode this morning. Thank God my wife was here! She researched the symptoms and everything fit into place (the dizziness, nausea, sweating, burning-up, weakness, etc.) I must say it was extremely discouraging. Your message, however, was cathartic and much needed. I will research now and get this down! At least my diet was working. On to day 5!

  4. Makaila Magana

    I've been on keto for 2 weeks and I've had intense horrible migraines every single day all day long they won't go away , I drink multiple glasses of salt water a day (Himalayan , lite salt, ) chicken broth , more than one cup plenty of potassium take magnesium everyday and I can't get them to go away … I drink plenty of water helpppp …

  5. Lisa Yamamoto

    I need help! I've been on Keto for 2 1/2 weeks. I have vomited in the middle of the night about 3 times, I'm drinking Powerade Zero, I am NOT getting the great energy that everyone says you get, and I feel like crap most of the time. Can you give me any suggestions???

  6. anthony oz

    Hey is dizziness and light headness common as well? I upped my salt today and it has improved a bit. I have been quite dizzy now for 4 days and its making me anxious.

  7. Anna Worthington

    Thank you. I needed to hear this today. For the first week I had the breakthrough experience with sinus issues and upset tummy, but my wow did I have clear skin and powerful euphoric energy!! Then slowly started slipping into the dreaded flu and I'm struggling so much. I will try the salts and not give up.

  8. Sangho Kim

    I have been diabetes type II for 20 years and glad to find keto. So, I dumped all insulins, metformin, and other medicines, and started Keto 3 weeks ago. I lost 10 pound and didn't feel hunger. Then, two days ago, I had major headache never experienced knocked me down for all day and night. I didn't puke though. I drank vegetable juice (extracted) and lemon flavored water, after 48 hours later I am back to normal. Your video helped to confirm that this is something need to overcome. thanks.
    Question 1.: Is this something happens regularly over time or this happens only when I am short in salt and dehydated?
    Question 2: Is saturated animal source fat like bacon, butter better than plant source fat?

  9. nick hawley

    This really helped me a lot… I'm about a week in and experiencing headaches like migraines urinating a lot and my body feels really tight and stiff and inflexible and I'm tossing and turning at night not sleeping well… I'm more relaxed though but at the same time feel kind of out of it… weird… so based on this video looks like I need sodium… I used to use REAL salt brand salt… how much should I take with water and how often thanks.

  10. cindy greene

    Love all your information! I've been sound this about 10 days and have not cheated at all and have NOT gonna over 30 carbs any day most days it's 10! Io feel awesome however I'm not losing one bit!!! I have about 50bpoinsa to lose. HELP

  11. Whitney Glover

    Thank you times infinity! This is just what I needed to hear tonight. On day 5 of keto and feeling like super uber SLAM. Ugh. But I'm pushing through and not throwing in the towel. This video really gave me that extra boost and confirmation that I needed.

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