Defense Nutrition: The Warrior Diet vs Paleo Diet – The Paleo Diet reaches back to the days of the caveman whereas the Warrior Diet regimen has its roots in the periods of past warrior societies — the great Spartans, Romans and Macedonians — yet also embracing the concept of stress response as reflected in the evolution of both man and food.

These two radical approaches to dieting are often the subject of debate as discussed and argued among athletes and the health conscious. World champion MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, seen below, admits to adhering to a combination of the Warrior Diet and the Paleo Diet to keep her body in fighting shape. And while she is not the first to notice similarities between the two, it is their differences that are most significant.
When the two approaches conflict as much as they do, how do you know which is what?

Learn what expert Ori Hofmekler thinks!

Download his recent article The Warrior Diet vs. The Paleo Diet for full details on the differences between these two diets, as well as key myths and fallacies of the Paleo Diet. –


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