Chris Froome Low Carb Diet Revealed

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28 Replies to “Chris Froome Low Carb Diet Revealed”

  1. paradox963

    The current head of nutrition for Sky is Dr James Morton who has is not fat and has talked about the advantages of targeted carb restriction during some training sessions paired with high carbs for really hared training and stages. Like he has said they follow the science, these guys are about optimizing performance and using the latest science not their personal feelings about something, if the science showed that eating a big steak the morning of a race helped performance that is what they would do. The same way that the science has shown that restricting carbs in certain types of training is beneficial so that is what they are doing.

  2. gnarki111

    Now you want to argue with the experts using hearsay. Got any facts? Or just useless drivel? Nothing wrong with Chris Froome's diet, it works for him, who are you to say he's doing it wrong? IT'S ABOUT THE SCIENCE NOT THE SIZE OF YOUR BELLY YOU TWAT.

  3. Jobbo

    1. Endurance = Fats / carbs / protein
    2. Most efficient energy store = Fats.

    Froome has an incredible aerobic system therefore he can use his body fat as the most efficient form of energy while topping his carbs up constantly throughout the stage.

    How can we question a three time winner of the TdF? Ridiculous.

  4. Silvio Fontana

    Your nutrition knowledge is appallingly dangerous, you are a gutter mouth, you look like a clown with your hair style – that is my critique of you, do you know how many people are laughing at you.

  5. Luis M

    Cycling on low carb is fucking horrible unless you're just cruising along at grandma speed on flat terrain. I was vegetarian for a few years even though I never did it quite right, last summer I was desperate to lose a last stubborn 10-15 pounds so I tried Keto, some of the weight came off but I also hit a plateau fairly quickly. The first time I realized how bad ketosis is for athletics was the first time I tried to hit a sprint segment on Strava and my quads were toast in literally 2-3 seconds, no stored glycogen. Short, punchy, climb segments that I used to top 10 on were now epic failures on my part. Going fully plant based has improved everything for me physically.

    I can see a ketogenic diet maybe working for a marathoner, but any sport that requires bursts of intense energy, forget about it. I'm pretty sure this is a short term solution for Froome to drop a few pounds, there's no way he can compete on low-carb in pro cycling.

  6. Bike Rider

    hey durian judge by results not by theory. the guy is the best in the world and here you are telling him he's wrong? who the fuck are you and where is your trophies.

  7. Ian Moss

    Nigel no longer works with Team Sky, he rides regularly with our club. Being a nutritionalist gives advice for the athlete who is doing the activity, I'm sure if Nigel did all those miles of training and racing (and subscribing to the diet plan) then he'd only be 75 kilo.
    We all go for a ride and we all stop for cake!!!

  8. Johnny641

    Harley why not make a a series on what you think a pro cyclist should be eating on a grand tour ? i.e. breakfast 2 choices, snacks for jersey pockets, lunch on the bike and evening meal again at least 2 choices over a 7 day period + a rest day menu.

    The above would be quite informative and interesting to those subscribers that do actually ride bikes rather than just saying all the pelotons nutritionists are fat idiots.

    Also bear in mind on a team they have to cater for a wide variety of tastes, possible allergies etc..

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