Atkins Diet Quick Hits: Constipation and Diarrhea

In this the second of the “Quick Hit” series of videos, I deal with a question I receive often in the comments section or private message to me. “What do I do about gastronomic ailments, like Constipation or Diarrhea?” This might be a TMI (Too Much Information) episode.

For Constipation, I recommend:
1. Adding ground flax meal into your diet in things like salad or other items (like mock danishes)
2. Consider Psyllium husks in form of capsules or powder (1-2 TBS per day). Note: Remember to get the SF powder if you go that route.
3. Consider restrict dairy/cheese intake
4. Get your water in each day (more than 64 oz)
5. Exercise!

Diarrhea is often a temporary occurrence on the diet due to the wastes being removed. If it occurs longer term:
* some have recommended increasing your cheese and dairy consumption
* Increase fiber intake

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20 Replies to “Atkins Diet Quick Hits: Constipation and Diarrhea”

  1. MiamiMaria1

    i have been doing the high protien diet for some time, and reached my goal of 15 pounds, during this time i have grown addicted to the atkins bars…… NOT over do it on them, if so, you will reget it……………razor wire in the intestines, no joke !! I am just telling it like it is 🙂

  2. ClamHog

    I did the Atkins diet 4 years ago and got down to a healthy weight. For whatever reason I let my ego get in the way and thought i could eat whatever I wanted and I consequently gained all the weight back plus 10 pounds. You got me restarted on the diet and I lost 28 pounds in a month. I just subscribed and may want to private message you about staying regular on this diet instead of spamming your comment section. I hope thats okay.

  3. Kent Altena

    @ryankoch83 I would say after 3-5 days of no movement I would get concerned, and after 7 days I would definitely take action. Flax meal is only like $2 for pound, and that would last for weeks if just used in this purpose.

  4. Kent Altena

    @Mrkillthatnoise Wow with the science that you put behind your statements, I don't see how any one disagree with you. (sarcasm off) Or perhaps people would just be in awe of your ignorance.

  5. Kent Altena

    @PoliticalExile3 Your body is burning through a lot of stored fat right now, which also has stored toxins (fat soluble). I would definitely suggest taking the flax meal if only to bulk up the material within one's intestines.

  6. Kent Altena

    @Forsure3333 The information I have says 2 TBS of psyllium husks is 8g of fiber. It acts as both bulking agent (absorbs additional water) and a stimulant to encourage regularity. I have never had a problem, so at least from this anecdotal evidence, 2 TBS of psyllium or ground flax was enough for me.

  7. Kent Altena

    @xjun2001 On Induction, you should have up to 20g per day. That does not mean you have equal 20g each day. Remember 2-3 cups of salad vegetables includes more than just lettuce too, like green peppers.

  8. Kent Altena

    First, remember Broccoli is a 1 cup per day on Induction…

    Salad veggies (like lettuces, peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, etc.) are 2 cups per day. They are typically higher in fiber than the other veggies, which should help with regularity.

    Have you tried the flax meal? That never fails for me. Additionally if you want to add nuts (1 oz almonds), that can help as well.

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