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Welcome to my WHAT IS series. This is where I explain some of the ingredients, products, techniques etc. I use in my low carb recipes, keto recipes, lchf recipes and banting recipes. I focus these on the questions I receive most from my low carb subscribers!

Today we start with what is psyllium husk or psyllium husks. Firstly, it is also known as ispaghula husks or simply ispaghula. Psyllium husk or psyllium husks is a fantastic product to use in a low carb, keto, lchf or banting household. It helps us produce foods that don’t contain carbs and things like gluten. Psyllium husk helps bind ingredients together, draws in liquid and creates a gelatin like mass. This helps us in creating a dough like substance in a lot of low carb baking, keto baking, lchf baking or banting baking.

Those benefits of whole psyllium husks is only the beginning. Psyllium husk health benefits are many and amazing! Psyllium husks are only fibre which means it helps us low carbers increase our fibre intake. This fibre is often missing in a low carb diet, keto diet, lchf diet, banting diet due to not eating grains which contain lots of fibre. The health benefits of psyllium husk also include keeping you digestive health in check. The psyllium husk is a very mild laxative and helps move waste through your colon just like any product with psyllium husk would do. So if you include psyllium husks or psyllium husk powder if it calls for it in your foods, you can help keep your digestive system regular.

You can simply use the psyllium husk as a fiber supplement, by mixing it in water, I recommend adding some sweetner or juice like product to it to help with the taste. And then you can simply down it to increase your fibre intake with psyllium husks. In fact, one of the most popular laxatives for colon helath and digestive health called Metamucil has psyllium husks as its main ingredients! This is another great way on how to use psyllium husks.

And this product is natural, coming from the Plantago Ovata plant which is a herb like plant. So no worries about this being artificial. It is healthy and all natural. It is also gluten free and grain free too (gluten-free, grain-free).

Be sure to watch my video to see the differences between whole psyllium husks and ground whole psyllium husks (or ground psyllium husks). This makes a big difference and could even turn your food a shade of purple if you aren’t aware of the differences. I also show you how to turn your whole psyllium husks to ground psyllium husks powder at home for free. Additionally, I show you how to use psyllium husks in your baking and cooking.

Feel free to ask me any questions on psyllium husks, psyllium husk powder, cooking with psyllium husks, baking with psyllium husks or how you can fit this into your low carb, keto, ketogenic, lchf or banting lifestyle. If you aren’t using it, you really should be! I hope this video answers the questions you had about what are psyllium husks.

Also feel free to take a look at all my low carb recipes on my channel, some of which use psyllium husk.

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  1. Waterpenny1

    Is there a time after which psyllium husk go bad? I have some that is at least 4 months or more old, but I no longer have the original packaging/label. How long do you think the husks are good… do they go rancid?

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