Korean doctors express concern over recent ‘high-fat, low-carb’ diet fad

저탄수화물 고지방 다이어트 오히려 건강 해친다
A new diet has been catching on in Korea… with a counter-intuitive rule: cutting carbs and not passing on fat.
It’s been encouraged by bloggers and other media,… but physicians are strongly against it.
Oh Jung-hee explains why.
Recently, Korea’s seen a nationwide surge in sales of cheese, butter, and pork belly… while sales of rice continue to fall.
This… after several TV programs and social media have encouraged a new trend in losing weight: to go high in fat, and low in carbs.

“I was careful about cooking with butter in the past for my health and weight,… but now I use it more liberally.”

But with this fad rapidly gaining in popularity,… Korean doctors have expressed the utmost concern,… calling it a “abnormal” diet.
In a joint statement on Wednesday,… five associations of medical professionals and physicians claimed the new diet comes with immense health risks.
Koreans are usually recommended to get 65 percent of their calories from carbohydrates and 30 percent from fat,… but the trend is to cut carbs to 5 or 10-percent, and increase fat to over 70-percent.

“Too much saturated fat would increase the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels and thereby heighten the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This can be followed by nutritional imbalances and skin infections. Muscles and bones can weaken, too.”

The experts claim the new trend doesn’t help in weight-loss either.
Not to mention it’s hard to maintain and many give up.

“It may help you lose weight in a short period of time, but it definitely can’t go on for long. And the effects, too, would disappear in one to three years.”

The physicians concluded their joint statement with three tips for a healthy diet:
knowing exactly your eating habits, cutting back on sugar and saturated fat, and keeping a nutritional balance.
Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.

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