Keto Bread | How to make Keto bread rolls | Low Carb Ketogenic Diet recipe

Here is how to make Keto bread rolls! If you’re craving for bread on the Ketogenic Diet, this is the perfect replacement.
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These Low-Carb Keto buns (or rolls) are very easy to make and can be a great meal replacement or snack. We like to top ours with butter or cream cheese, sea salt, bacon and cheese. They’re also great as burger buns. We believe these taste much better than the usual Keto bread, which is often made with only almond flour and eggs.

Once again we included the nutritional value within the recipe video!

75g almond flour
20g pysllium husk powder
30g coconut flour
38g ground flaxseed
3 egg whites
1 whole egg
240ml boiling water

We originally found this recipe a little more than a year ago on the (paid) KetoDiet app for Android and only slightly altered it. We just leave out the garlic & onion powder as well as the sesame seeds to make it a little simpler. Martina (KetoDietApp) deserves the credit 🙂

She actually has it on her website as well:
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28 Replies to “Keto Bread | How to make Keto bread rolls | Low Carb Ketogenic Diet recipe”

  1. Simon Rochford

    Love you videos:) I also live in Vienna and wondered where you buy your bread ingredients from as they where in large containers. I would be grateful to know if I can buy these in Vienna or if you ordered them online. Keep up the good work! Simon:)

  2. cherly blake

    Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I  made the bread it turn out fine a little dense so I allow them to stay in the oven a tab longer and ,I froze the other 3 which was even better later ,I will certain hold on to this recipe. Thanks for sharing

  3. Dactrin

    You guys are so cute! These rolls look amazing and relatively easy to make. Thanks very much for sharing 🙂 I start my keto diet in two days and I'm excited but also very nervous. I'm a carb addict so I need things that won't make me feel so deprived. I think these will be a great addition.

  4. parkhillmedia

    Wow, how so low on carbs with all that flour? Is coconut flour low carb? Also, how come you didn't use full eggs? What will happen if you do use full eggs? The yolk has a lot of good fat, some that I would not want to miss if possible.

  5. Julia Monroe

    Love seeing you two together. Can you give the equivalents in cups too please that would be helpful along with the written recipes in the notes. This looks fantastic. Really am enjoying your channel

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