Full day of eating Keto – Low Carb Ketogenic Diet

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I really enjoy (fatty) intermittent fasting in the morning, as it gives me the ability to focus on work without thinking about food till past lunchtime. I also love the cognitive boost it gives me.
As for lunch and dinner (I almost never eat more than two meals per day and rarely feel the need to snack) – my sources of protein, fats and vegetables usually vary, but the meal composition approximately stays the same. Lots of green leafy vegetables, 150-200g of some protein source (meat/fish/eggs) and plenty of healthy fats for energy and to keep me full throughout the entire day.

Within the video, after every meal you will see the macros & calories for that meal and at the end of the video I go over the total macronutrients and calories I ate that day. Just in case you’re interested (I know some of you are!).

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48 Replies to “Full day of eating Keto – Low Carb Ketogenic Diet”


    that much butter??

    maybe this works..well I am not fat or anything but could "trim down" a little.

    are diet energy drinks allowed? monster zero the white can to be specific.

  2. Vale Nov Ag

    If i have a little overweight that i want to lose… Is it good choice to drink the bulletproof coffee at the morning to induce the ketosis process or would be better to skip that meat and choose to keep the fasting until lunch? Very informative videos btw!!

  3. Chanel Iancovici

    Keto is the best for not being hungry. I love how there's never any crashes during the day and you don't think about food. When you get hungry you don't crave anything specific. The best diet and lifestyle.

  4. Bart Vertrees

    Been a diabetic since 1970. Type 1…Now on insulin pump. Currently consuming 180-200 carbs a day. I'm 76yrs, 5'6", 160 Lbs…..Had aortic valve (ST. Jude's) in 1990. Golfer, walk with wts.. 5# ea. hand, approx. 1 mile e/o day, 45-50 min, lift wts. every 1/4 mile…………What would this diet do for me?

  5. Doom Hilda

    I agree with some of the other comments. Love the simple meals. This is exactly how I like to eat. I really dislike most of the carb-a-like recipes, and try my best to stick with real whole foods.

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