Paleo Diet Weight Loss Success Story I lost 65lbs and beat depression

My Paleo Diet Weight Loss Success Story. I lost 65 lbs and Beat Depression

Learn how I lost 65lbs in Six Month and changed my life by following the Paleo Diet

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  1. AttnJack

    Paleo changes your appetite. If you stick to it you will find that the craving for bread, pasta, beans, and sweets just goes away. The crankiness just stops because you're not hungry on Paleo. You eat when you eat. Body fat is there for a reason, it's your energy reserve when food is scarce. When you're constantly stuffing your face with croissants and beans and rice you don't give your body a chance to burn through those reserves. I've been Paleo for two months and the spare tire is deflating steadily already. I eat consciously and creatively. It's been great.

  2. Mrsnik 03

    I've been on paleo for 2 weeks now and I noticed that i'm not as moody,and things that I normally would get upset about, it doesn't even phase me, i'm alot calmer and not as stressed I love eating this way, you look great, thanks for sharing this video.

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