There is More of a Demand For Organic Foods Than You Might Think


The idea of ​​eating healthy is one that many people really do like. After exploring the value of organic products and the fact they can stay away from harmful toxins they are all for it. The fact that organic foods are dropping in price means that more people can afford to buy them. This is not just a passing trend though that people are taking an interest in. It is their way of eating better and taking a stand against the toxins in foods and their problems for the environment.

There is more of a demand for organic products than you might think. It continues to spread all over the world. In fact, the United States is one of the areas with a great growth but it is nothing compared to that of Canada and Australia. In a recent survey although 70% of Americans said they occasionally buy organic foods.

More than $ 25 billion was made by the sell of organic products in 2005 so you can image what that number is up to today. One of the reasons that many entities want to get involved is that amount of money. Many are also scared that their high sales through traditional growth methods is about to come to a halt. Consumers are showing that they want more organic food products. Therefore they want to be able to offer them so they do not lose the loyal customers they have come to rely upon.

With the increased demand for organic products more farmers are trying to get their land ready for the growing of such products. However, it is a process that takes time to complete. You may not realize it but before the FDA will even do an inspection the land has to be free from the use of any chemicals for a period of at least five years.

For those farmers just now getting involved with this, they have that waiting period to go through. Then they have to get the certification from the FDA, plant their crops, and then have their first harvest. So this is not a process that you can rush by any means. The good news is that there are quite a few farms in the various stages of that five year term right now. That means each year more and more of them will qualify and earn their certification.

Due to the overwhelming demand for organic foods there has been some talk in congress about changing the requirements. They would be less than they are right now for farmers to become certified to create organic foods. Yet this is something that many are fighting against. They want these tough standards to be in place so that the division between organic foods and those traditionally grown can be clearly defined and not negotiated.

Consumers will find that the cost of organic foods continues to drop though as more farmers get involved. That type of competition to meet the demand means that buyers can find a variety of prices offered. With lower prices the cycle will continue because there are plenty of consumers interested in organic foods, they just can not justify the cost right now.

It is going to be very exciting to see what the future holds in the way of organic foods for the world. This is definitely an idea that is here to stay and that continues to increase. You can be sure we will come up with faster methods to get the planting and harvesting done too. The benefits for our health as well as for our environment through organic farming is something we should all be eager to see move forward.


Source by Sarmaad Amin

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