Top Ten Things To Eat And Drink For Cyclists

Learn how to get your nutrition right with our top ten tips on what to eat and drink for cyclists!
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From eating porridge to drinking plenty of coconut water, there are plenty of great ways to improve your performance on the bike, and recovery off it, through altering your diet.

Have you got any nutrition tips that you think we might have missed in this video? Comment below and let us know.

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27 Replies to “Top Ten Things To Eat And Drink For Cyclists”

  1. Born on the Trails

    Simple homemade cycling drink for your rides: Fill 1/5th of a bidon Coconut water, A good grind of healthy unbleached (pink/sea-salt), fill the rest of the bidon with filtered water and give it a shake. Whether you are training on fat or on carbohydrates it's a cheap solution.

  2. Vili Mikkola

    Why is there so much hate on protein and huge push on high GI food in the comments? Has Freeley or whatever that banana girl's name is sent out a vegan raid group for the two non-vegan food items on this list or something?

    That being said, good video overall. I'm all new to road cycling and basically on a late night GCN video binge 😀

  3. liz c

    Nutrition nerd comment: Arugula is actually higher in performance enhancing, oxygenating nitrates than beetroots and so are most leafy greens, but high impact beet root juice is still pretty potent here's a vid comparing different veggies nitrate ranking: I would take out the fish and add lean plant proteins and avocado, and skip the eggs since they have as much Cholesterol as an 8 oz steak and we all know red meats got to go. DId you know you can sautee greens, with onions and garlic and other veggies in water? skip the goopy processed gunk and sautee in water if you're keeping things no oil. GCN YOU ALL ARE LEGENDARY even if I believe some of your nutritional information isn't up to date and disagree with a few choices, I always hold you guys dear and am SO THANKFUL for everything I have learned from you! Thanks for inspiring me to become a better rider and strike a few off my bikeit list 😀 Cheers!

  4. Orion Xavier

    I never had a problem with calories. I'd "only" bike about 90 minutes a day, 6 days/wk. But half of it is uphill and/or against the wind, so it required extreme intensity (as I am a muscular heavy person).

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