Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Scotcharoos (OWL)

In partnership with FaveDiets, this is one of those diet creations that draws people whether they know it is diet food or not.

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-Peanut Butter Crispie Layer-
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 cup Splenda or liquid equivalent
2/3 cup vanilla whey protein powder
3 cups coconut, toasted
-Chocolate Layer-
1/2 cup coconut oil
2 tsp cocoa powder (heaping)
3 tbsp Splenda or liquid equivalent

Makes 24-36 servings.
Nutrition Info per piece (out of 24)
152 Calories, 14.3g Fat, 2.9g Total Carbs (1.3g Fiber) , 4.3g Protein

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36 Replies to “Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Scotcharoos (OWL)”

  1. Kent Altena

    That varies depending on the Stevia you use. I try to give the equivalent sweetness in sugar in all my videos, so if you know how much Stevia in the Raw say equals a cup of sugar, you would know the equivalency for this Splenda.

  2. Kent Altena

    @sheilachristine That is always my goal — prove how accessible this diet is. I know some people make much more elaborate meals or use better ingredients, but my target is slightly more routine or weekly dinner with my stuff while still keeping this diet interesting and not boring.

  3. Kent Altena

    @lgpars I am glad you liked this recipe so well, Linda. I typically leave mine in the pan, and the chocolate does stay put quite well. I thought I might have to keep frozen, but was pleased to know I did not have to as it tastes better only chilled.

  4. Kent Altena

    @violinist881 I typically buy the following items besides the common meat, veggies from the Induction foods list:
    * raw almonds (slivered, blanched, or whole)
    * raw coconut (flakes)
    * spices (salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, chili powder, cinnamon, etc,)
    * extracts (vanilla for sure)
    * splenda or an artificial sweetener – (liquid is best)
    * Coffee Grinder to make your own flours

    That's about it. The rest are all common ingredients.

  5. Linda Parsons

    Kent, I just made these today and just tasted one after they came out of the freezer. Oh boy, this recipe is a real winner. I cut mine into fudge size pieces and put into a plastic bag and into the frig. My chocolate topping fell off a couple pieces but most stayed in tact. Probably next time I'll just leave them in the pan. But they are sooo good. Even my hubby liked them and he is not low carbing. One small piece was plenty for me. Very rich and very yummy!!

  6. Kent Altena

    @alphaelena Check out my Atkins Diet and cholesterol video for more information on this topic, but the link between animal products and cholesterol in absence of the sugar intake is confused. My own total cholesterol dropped by 50 points while my HDL (good) went higher.

    I link to a number of studies in the above video to help with the science and evidence behind my claims.

  7. alphaelena

    I have a question: I understand that the Atkins allows good fats in. I know that peanut butter, avocado, olive oil, fish oil are good fats. But how does butter and cheese fitin the picture? I always have been told that they increase cholesterol level pretty badly. Can you help me? thanks!

  8. Kent Altena

    @loribelt24 I have posted a video on Youtube called "Liquid Splenda where to get it." It talks about everything you are asking about, and the easy answer is it depends on the product you purchase. I just recently bought EzSweetz the .5oz containers from Netrition. So check out the video, and you should find your answer.

    As to what I eat on a daily basis, check out my blog where I recently posted two weeks of menus there. THey were actually my daughters'- my lunches were slightly different.

  9. loribelt24

    looks yummy I wonder if you can do a video on some of the products – especially the sugar substitutes which one you use why and when I bought a liquid one off of netrition and I don't know how many drops to use for the replacement of powdered splenda. when to use truvia, stevia, splenda, powder or liquid. another suggestion what you eat on a daily or weekly basis thanks

  10. Kent Altena

    @mrsmommy81 Just remember Induction only needs to last 14 days… He could be on OWL once de-carbs and gets back into the swing of things. Not that I am pimping these bars as the reason to go on to OWL. 😀

  11. Kelly Mrsmommy

    Kent I'm excited for this, but have to wait because my hubby had went off Atkins for the holidays and is back in induction. But once he gets down to his desired weight and moves to the next phase, it's ON! Lol

  12. Kent Altena

    @203penguins I think the one I am using I purchased 1-2 years ago. Does that count as a long time? I have noticed no change in flavor. I keep in my corner cabinet (non-refrigerated) that you see in the videos.

  13. Kent Altena

    @blopa623 What country are you from? I am sorry if I knew this at one point. I am glad you can allow me this deviation into perhaps American niche products, but I do try to keep my items to relatively whole or real foods friendly. My next recipe I will try to do a recipe that should be relatively universal or easily tweaked to meet most places.

  14. Kent Altena

    @chuckabuckmoore I think knowing what goes into food and being responsible for making it helped me a lot. Otherwise, I would definitely over consume some ready made snack. I don't think these should have that problem for you either or you may need to switch artificial sweetener.

  15. Kent Altena

    @lakegirl645 No, it's for OWL phase due to the whey protein powder. Remember Induction doesn't just mean eating less than 20g, it means eating things off the Acceptable Foods list. Whey protein powder according to DANDR way of thinking would be left for the dairy rung.

  16. Pablo Tenesaca

    I really like your dessert recipes, to bad whey protein is way to expensive in my country :(. But one of these days I'm going to try this. Thanks! you make low carbing so much easier.

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