Roasted Brussels Sprouts – weight loss recipes – low carb recipe – keto recipe

This is another super simple recipe to make for you guys that are short on time such as myself. Roasted Brussels Sprouts taste nothing like the boiled monstrosity recipes that our parents use to force feed us as kids. Did I mention they where low carb?. I hope you guys try these and enjoy them. Remember to subscribe and share the Channel.

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6 Replies to “Roasted Brussels Sprouts – weight loss recipes – low carb recipe – keto recipe”

  1. Tracy C

    glad u have posted this becuz i absolutely love my brussels ! the thing is, i have real high cholesterol and was told i cant use foods w/ alot of saturated fat in them n coconut oil has it.:(. i can use Promice or Smart Balance spread. can i use either in this recipe please? will it still work, I mean? oops.. i just waking up. i was really concerned about the coconut oil having saturated fat in it so i meant also with that smart balance spread, can i use olive oil ? thanx and sorry for bugging u. omg my stomach is just growling away !!!

  2. Headchefmom Kendall Lawrence

    Very nice recipe! I love Brussel sprouts! You are so right, they are not good boiled! Very impressive channel. Please come check out some of my recipes. I make lots of veggies. I am pretty new, but I do have a lot of great veggie ideas, with more to come. I look forward to checking out more of your low carb dishes. I am hanging on to about 10 lbs. that I really need to get rid of! Thanks!

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