4-Day Diet 101 – The Truth About This Four-Day Diet For Your Health


With the growing number of weight loss and detox plans that are out there, it is very difficult to distinguish the scientifically based from those that are not. Chances are, if it is endorsed by a certain celebrity to be effective, many people will surely follow suit. But have you ever head of the "4-Day Diet"? What is it? This is a diet designed by the author of the bestseller "The Fat Smash Diet and Extreme Fat Smash Diet", Dr. Ian K. Smith.

Let us know the truth behind this plan by identifying the stages and pitfalls. Read on and understand.

There are 7 modules that last for about 4 days. They are the following: Induction, Transition, Protein Stretch, Smooth, Push, Pace, and Vigorous.

– Induction is the phase wherein we do a detox cleansing to get rid of harmful toxins from our system.

– The next module, Transition, reintroduces different food groups.

– To avoid boredom or plateau, the 3rd module called Protein Stretch is introduced.

– The 4th module, Smooth, is the phase wherein we can already eat the foods that were previously prohibited.

– The 4-Day plan addresses different dieting pitfalls like boredom, cheating, and plateau, so it has a module called Push wherein you go back to a stricter diet.

– Next is the breather module called Pace wherein again you are allowed to eat usually-restricted foods.

– The last module, Vigorous, is the phase wherein you follow a stricter-food-group diet plan.

This diet only works for those who can strictly follow schedules. Before embarking on this plan, make sure that you consult your doctor if you are healthy enough to go through it. Overall, this plan has received many positive responses from people who are tired of very repetitive plans that lost their effectiveness after a period of time.


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