Sweet Potatoe Casserole Low Carb, Sugar Free Holiday Recipe

If you love Sweet Potatoe Casserole, then you love this version, it’s sugar-free, low in carbs and super easy to make.

I remember my first thanksgiving, it was amazing.
So this year we’ll have a healthy ones. This Casserole, is low carb, it’s gluten-free and sugar-free, and suuuuuper yum. I went shopping with my mom, and we
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1. prebake red sweet potatoes for 1h on 200°C, I made some holes with a fork before baking
2. next we easily peel off the skin.
3. we’ll add 100gr of butter to the potatoes
4. and mash it I use my electric hand mixer
5. add sweeter and 2 Tbsp of milk
6. 2 eggs
7. and cinnamon admix well
8. take a baking pan
9. fill I into the form
10. making the topping
11. add almond flour and 100gr of melted butter
12. add chopped pecans and more almond flour
13. again cinnamon and sweeter
14. mix it and top it well
15. now bake it for 30 min on 175°
16. and et voila! wonderful easy dish – enjoy your holidays.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe pls let me know in the comment section below what I can turn for you into low carb


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