Low Carb Diet – Go on a low carb diet to lose weight fast

Low carb diet – http://www.livebrightandhealthy.com – There are many low carb diet plans out there. Knowing your carbs and understanding how different types of carbs work in your diet helps speed up weight loss. Low carb foods usually have a low glycemic index. A low carb diet plan is based on the total amount of carbohydrates you consume as part of your diet each day. So its a case of the whole being a sum of its parts! Before we get into this further, we need to know about glycemic index too. Glycemic index measures how quickly carbohydrates are changed into sugar in the body and enter the blood system as glucose. The quicker the breakdown and entry, the higher the glycemic index and possibility of sugar spikes. When carbs are broken down slowly, the sugar levels in the blood are maintained evenly. Not all high carb foods have a high glycemic index and the reverse is true of low carbs as well. Pasta and sweet potatoes are low glycemic index foods even though they have a high carbohydrate content. This means that it takes the body a longer time to break down such carbs into simple sugars that pass into the blood.Of fruits, cherries, plums and grapefruit have a very low glycemic index. Fruit which have a high sugar content like melons, including watermelon, mangoes, papayas and pineapples are best avoided on a low carb diet. They have a high glycemic index. You may want to completely cut out carbs from your diet, to speed up weight loss. But a no carb diet is not suitable with the kind of foods available to us. It works for the Inuit people, due to their life style and environment but not for you and me. The Inuit of of the Arctic region, whom we know as Eskimo, eat a diet of meat, fish, whale and fat. Their environment is not suited for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables or grains. So theirs is a no carb diet. This works for them, as their foods are very different from their western counterparts. So it’s best to stick with a combination of low carb-low glycemic diet that will speed up weight loss. Just avoid all processed food like bacon, sausages and ham which are high in sodium and can be high carb too.

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  1. karla ochoa

    Simple carbohydrates (also called sugars) are absorbed fast by the body and will give you quick energy. Sugars taste sweet and are also found naturally in some nutritious foods like fruits and milk. Added sugars are often found in foods that have little or no nutritional value such as soda, cookies, candy, and sugary cereal. The nutrition facts label on foods does not distinguish between added and natural sugars, but you can look at the ingredient list to see if sugars are being added.

  2. karla ochoa

    Complex carbohydrates usually take longer to digest than simple carbs. Just like simple carbohydrates, not all complex carbohydrates are created equal. Some complex carbohydrates are also a good source of fiber. Fiber is heart healthy, good for digestion, and helps keep you full. Try to eat high-fiber complex carbs or whole grains such as whole grain breads, brown rice, and bran-containing cereals instead of low-fiber complex carbs or refined grains such as white bread, white pasta, etc.

  3. karla ochoa

    Your body needs carbohydrates as a source of fuel. If you don't eat enough carbs, your body will use stored energy (muscle or fat cells). In low-carb diets, only 15% to 20% of energy (calories) comes from carbohydrates. It means that the other 75% to 80% of energy must come from proteins and fats. On a diet like this, you would be eating more fat and protein than usual, which may not be the healthiest way to eat long term. Low-carb diets can be high in unhealthy saturated fat.

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