Why Bill Clinton Quit Vegan for Paleo: Dr. Hyman

Bill Clinton recently gave up his 4 year vegan diet to begin an animal protein-powered low-carb paleo diet! Dr. Mark Hyman, his new doctor, says a vegan diet is deficient in high quality protein. At the same time, making people fat since a vegan diet lacks animal fat, which is supposedly slimming. So Dr. Hyman forced Clinton to start eating fat and cholesterol rich animal meat STAT!

The former president went vegan because of his desire to improve his health after major heart surgery. He read books by Dr. Ornish and Dr. Esselstyn, books which show how a vegan diet prevents and reverses heart disease. Clinton had lost lots of weight and was feeling great as well. So why did Dr. Hyman feel the need to switch Clinton to a diet that, ironically, has been shown to cause heart disease and weight gain?


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35 Replies to “Why Bill Clinton Quit Vegan for Paleo: Dr. Hyman”

  1. Susan Wheeler

    I was prediabetic on eating only grassfed meats, my own chicken eggs, raw whole grassfed milks, made my own kefir milk, yogurts from that milk, coconut oil, evoo, fats I would render from the meats I got. Suffered horribly from chronic constipation, took heartburn otc meds on a regular basis, sleeping pills, bouts of gallbladder flareups. Went pb, and lost 50 lbs w/o even trying, no longer pred, haven't taken any heartburn meds, no constipation issues for 2 years now. I no longer have feelings of negativity or the blues. Didn't even know I did till I changed. I have an over all positive well being feeling. Plants heal!!

  2. Romain Ensminger

    I tell you why he needs to push sooo much protein => the body turns them to sugar to fuel the brain on keto style diets. HAha. Why not make it easy for your body and eat the sugar first hand without the clogging fat?

  3. mike wiltse

    Has Dr. Hyman ever taken a biology class,and looked at the GI track of a carnivore such as a lion to frugivore which resembles primates and humans.These doctors that push high protein animal fat are stuck in a culture spin,and not being realistic,nothing really to debate with these people that are in denial about basic chemistry.

  4. Greg Davis

    I personally think that Clinton went to Paleo because the diet and nutrition field is totally confusing in that every niche promotes that their way is the best and will back it up with charts, graphs, studies and history to support their conclusions.

    I personally was vegan for 10 years (not necessarily low-fat) and had a lot of very positive health benefits, but in the last 6 months I was influence by videos from Dr Wallach, Dr Berg and a bunch of others who promote eating meats and high fats. They back everything with studies and research and it sounds very convincing.

    I'm always willing to give things a try and so I changed my diet. What I found is that I hit a wall and was starting to have discomfort with my liver in eating so much protein and fat. I also became very constipated and I generally didn't feel all that great.

    I'm now changing back to high carb and low fat!

    My point, is that it's very confusing out there!

  5. TuffeeTube

    Hilary is prolly funded by the meat industry and they definitely don't want to see them promoting plant based diet, especially after an Ellen Interview!! Or she wants her hubby gone asap

  6. Stacey Legg

    I think Hillary heard how vegans live a long, healthy life like the Okinawans. I don't think she wants Bill to outlive her. If he dies first then she can get out of his shadow.

  7. Kathy Bailey

    I think it is just easier to go back to what is familiar. I can think of a billion of our old favorite meals. We've only been vegetarian+dairy free for three years and I still struggle with new and delicious ideas.

  8. PerspectiveSynergy

    Look at those bags under Dr Hymans eyes omg his POOR KIDNEYS !!! too much protein destroys the kidneys. HE is so mislead.
    🙁 ( Emily ) on my boyfriends account. P>S> the main reason people crave dead food / processed food / flesh is PARASITES ! We are all loaded with them we sohuld all do parasties cleanses twice a year!

  9. warren green

    I think people need to get off the vegan thing. The primary thing to remember is to eat a whole foods vegetable-based based diet, with very little, or "no oil added". Then just add some fruit, and some of the better grains, but only in moderation. In my view, we need to get dairy either all the way out, or only in extreme moderation. Which might leave room for some fish, or possibly some of the potentially better animal-based foods. But again, only in moderation.

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