Best fats for a high fat low carb diet

In this video I go through all the different fats I use in my kitchen and also explain how I use each of them. Good quality fats are extremely important for the proper functioning of hormones, efficient metabolism, mental clarity, energy, etc.

When you follow a high fat low carb diet, fats from both animal as well as plant sources are extremely important. Always get the highest quality fat in order to experience the benefits.

These are traditional fats that have nourished people for a lot of years and contrary to popular belief, they do not cause heart disease; in fact they help prevent coronary heart disease and reduce inflammation in the body.

The fats mentioned in the video are: Tallow, lard, butter, ghee, duck and goose fat, coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil.

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10 Replies to “Best fats for a high fat low carb diet”

  1. TheRealBrook1968

    I have watched many, many LCHF videos over the past three years and this is the best about fats. When I tell friends and family that I eat 80% fat and 15% protein, they want to check to make sure that I still have a pulse! I am glad that you are unashamedly talking openly about eating fats. Thanks.

  2. Patricia Bruce

    Sooo much good information. Can you turn your mike up though. I have my speaker on my computer up to max and sometimes and can barely hear you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  3. HyborianAge

    What do you think of the Keto diet? I decided to switch over to it after being on Paleo for two weeks. I lost 10 lbs on Paleo and another 15 on Keto. They are similar but Keto is very strict as I cannot have any fruit at all. I also have cut out many of the veggies high in carbs and stick mostly to broccoli spinach mushrooms and cauliflower. I like my progress so far. I was wondering if you've ever tried the keto diet.

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