14 Replies to “Low Carb + Keto | Full Day of Eating”

  1. LosingDrea

    New subbie here, just found your channel through this video. Great video of a full day of what you ate and loved that you took us shopping with you at your local whole foods, unfortunately I don't have one of them near me, nor a trader joes which I would once day love to shop. Love the cooking what you eat videos, I try and do them when I can but my bird Chico is a Pain and loves to scream whenever I have food or am cooking food LOL… glad I found you. ♥

  2. Booski Reddy

    New Subbie I'm excited to try this since low carb seems to work best with suppressing my appetite. I just need a working scale to see my progress as it goes. Thanks for the recipe ideas

  3. Naptime blitz

    what carb count do you find works best for you. The Brussles and Sausage meal alone would have taken all of my carbs. Not to mention the honey/nut butter english muffin and last snack. I'm drooling in jealousy

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