3 Paleo Desserts (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

Paleo marshmallow recipe: http://www.cultivatebeauty.com.au/paleo-marshmallows-sugar-free/

Chocolate mug cake by Ruled.me: http://www.ruled.me/keto-chocolate-cake-mug/

Chocolate mousse recipe: http://www.cultivatebeauty.com.au/chocolate-mousse/

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15 Replies to “3 Paleo Desserts (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)”

  1. Jessica-leigh Haenschke

    Hey guys , I really enjoy your videos they give heaps of great ideas my favorite recipe so far being the sweet potato with mince.
    I have a question about the coconut yoghurt that was mentioned , every brand I've come across has corn starch in it . Is that an acceptable paleo ingredient or have you found a coconut yoghurt without it ?

  2. JB 6000

    I looked up carbs in foods for curiosity and found out that chocolate contains significant carbs. First I thought it was something in the commercial chocolate so I looked up dark and got the same result (58g/100g). I looked up cocoa powder and still got the same result. Then I looked up cacao thinking the pure raw stuff may have less and it was even more, 19g per so many ounces. Carob did not yield much better results. The site may have been flawed although it ranked it higher than beer, potatoes and even many breads. This got me wondering about chocolate eaters who think its low carb

  3. Satenik

    Hi beautiful sisters. My sister and I have a paleo based diet as well. For desert our all time favorite is dark chocolate dipped strawberries. It's easy to make and so delicious. You can add coconut on top of your dark chocolate or sprinkle on some almonds. Enjoy and thanks for the videos 🙂

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