Low Carb Atkins Diet – MY WEIGHT LOSS – Personal Health Issues & New Goals

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This is my journey to lose over 100 pounds. (Open for more info)

My highest weight: 333 pounds. Lowest weight was 225. Weight gain during pregnancy…. Yeah, back to lose weight. My son is now 1 year old and I am still at it. Low carb lifestyle with REAL food, all made from scratch. No processed foods, no chemicals, no sugar, no grains.
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Andrea Lunsford
Simtat Sal’it 486/4
Eilat, Israel

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18 Replies to “Low Carb Atkins Diet – MY WEIGHT LOSS – Personal Health Issues & New Goals”

  1. Olle Carlsson

    I try to reintroduce carbs after 3 years without them but I keep getting serious depression, anxiety and insomnia everytime I try to get on them. Why on earth do I have problem digesting carbs now?? I'm desperate for a solution. Thanks!

  2. Anita Tate

    Good job! I'm starting the induction phase tomorrow. If I lose that much weight I would be so happy. Good for you!!! I need to lose 150 lbs., but I realize it is a process. I have been eating way too many carbs and I'm a Type II Diabetic. Not good! So, I'm going to begin, and hopefully do as well as you have. You got back on the diet and that is all that matters!!!

  3. StankyMouthz

    hey hun, are you still on your journey? hows it going? Would be willing to talk? during my teenage years I was always heavier, around 190.. then i found low carb and went down to 160 . i still had some pudge but i felt beautiful.. looked beautiful. i gained some weight a few years later.. did low carb again.. dropped it. but then.. i had my daughter in jan 2014.. i am now almost 220…… i could just use someone to talk to about it, hope ur up for it =)

  4. Linda Love

    What's the purpose of even dieting, if you're not going to adopt the lifestyle.  Your method is not healthy.  It's yo-yoing.  Just because you go on vacation doesn't mean you abandon your program, unless the point of it hasn't set in yet, you're going to keep yo-yo dieting.  Good luck to you and your fasts.  A waste of time.  Everything you're saying is "I had, I looked", past tense.

  5. Jordan Pratt

    In 2011 I experienced phantom smells. I would smell smoke, like something was burning! I looked this up online and didn't really find much information and since then it's gone away, I actually forgot all about it until watching this video.

  6. EEstop

    It is deliciously good diet. However, I eat a lot of salads with the protein and fats. By the way, lions eat vegetables, too. When they kill their pray, they eat what half digested vegetables inside their pray's belly. Humans after all are carnivores just like lions.

  7. signalfire6

    The neurological problems might well be the start of MS; try getting some high dose vitamin B supplements (all the Bs); they can help heal nerves and calm things down. Also high dose Vitamin C; almost all americans are deficient in C and D (more sunshine or Vitamin D3 supplements, again high dose (I take 50,000 IU a day, a therapeutic dose, during the winter, and try to get plenty of sun in the summer).  

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