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This is my journey to lose over 100 pounds.

My highest weight: 333 pounds. Lowest weight was 225. Weight gain during pregnancy…. Yeah, back to lose weight. My son is now 1 year old and I am still at it. Low carb lifestyle with REAL food, all made from scratch. No processed foods, no chemicals, no sugar, no grains.

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41 Replies to “LOW CARB KETOGENIC DIET MEALS – Weight Loss Update”

  1. ggg 37

    Fruit Juice fasting isn't low carb it's high carb and you'll gain weight – it happened to me and I'm telling you because I don't want you to ruin all your hard work

  2. Amber Toll

    My body reacts the same way to a cheat meal. I am always shocked at the gain. So, I am also understanding that my metabolism is so wrecked and I am so insulin resistant that cheats are a no no. This to me is further proof my body needs more time to heal, and Keto is that therapy. I wish you all the best.

  3. Out Buzzed

    Not just sugar, bread has just as higher factor in weight gain,it starts a chain reaction spike.Food is about satisfaction,low fat diets seem to make consumption even higher  beware of low fat anything usually contains high amounts of sugar. The cycle of spikes in insulin create an never ending roller coaster once you have high sugar you want more sugar and so it goes on. Watch out for blenders use them for veges only people who blend fruits  push their daily fructose levels over the edge. Have a nice day. PS that curry meal looks gorgeous.

  4. anni daisy

    I love the food choices you put on here!! Gave me so many ideas 🙂 thank you ..I started lchf 1 month ago and while I feel fantastic I haven't lost any weight…I only have around 20 to lose…I've tried lowering my fat and now someone told me to raise my fats so I'm trying that now…I feel like I'm just kind of stumbling around in this lchf world…trying to figure out what's going to start my weight loss…on the positive side I do feel better than ever…I see lots of guys losing weight…me..not so much….and I'm prediabetic so losing weight is important but my bloodsugar are normal on this diet so that great…I might start what yourr doing..lower calories…how is that working for you? I really enjoy your videos !!

  5. Eduardo Beguelin Jara

    the amoutn of kcalroies is more important than the macros you intake , and also i dont rcomend keto diet for a long period of time if you wanna have ore energy for your workout when you start, also high fat fo r a long period of time is not helthy 

  6. Vicky edwards

    I just love how people love to criticize others, even though this gal is being honest about her weight gain, and loss. The only thing that people are saying that may be true, it to add more fat.  

  7. Jayne Frost

    I loved seeing your meal plans. I have been doing the low carb high fat diet and feeling much better with little weight loss though. If you put on a lot of fat around your middle when you'd had your baby it was because your body was in stress and you release cortisol during this time, which makes you store fat around your midriff. Can I suggest you study up on the blog of Dr Eric Berg, who can explain far better than I can, about this and many more things for you. Good luck with your getting healthy, the weight loss will follow once you've done that…it can't be done the other way round. You're a lovely looking lady so don't get too caught up on losing weight, just get healthy.. :D

  8. Amalie MM

    Too little fat… And most importantly too little good saturated fats. Just a tip to anyone who's serious about keto (going into ketosis, which is awesome, no hunger, no cravings, weight loss, amazing sleep quality and energy with little or no food etc.)
    You can't get into ketosis if you eat sugar, no matter how little you eat because it spikes your insulin levels, so in summary;
    This cannot be stressed enough EAT YOUR FAT (at least ~85%) less protein, as little carbs as possible (no high glycemic foods such as sugar and fruit!)
    Good foods: Grass-fed Butter, Coconut oil, Leafy Greens, Bacon, Animal fats, Avocado, Fatty wild-caught fish, grass fed meat.
    You can eat as much as you want of all this (of course limit the protein) and tons of other things look it up. (Yes that means guacamole, hollandaise, buttered steak… Yum) You can also eat a lot of whipping cream, unsweetened chocolate, coconut flakes, macadamia nuts, fat bombs etc.
    Oh and my favorite pork rinds!
    Keto will be the best thing you've ever done to your body I guarantee you will feel amazing, but be prepared to eat HUGE amounts of fats. (You can for example have ice-cream with erytheritol or stevia if you find it hard to get all the fats)

  9. John J

    How is it possible to gain 6lb from just one ice-cream. If u just go back the next day to strict, 20 g carbs a day, the body should get over it…. Good luck! The food looks delicious!!!

  10. richard jedlicka

    the trick is to add more fats to your diet, i am loosing so much weight from eating lots of fat and meat and i am not craving any sugars or carbs for over 18 days. my blood sugar is so steady i dont even want them and also i have lots of energy and thinking a lot better. or clear
    the reason you gain weight right to your belly is because of you sensitive insulin levels you can restore them by a high fat and high protien diet,. remember our body needs lots of fats and it craves them.
    i eat bacon, coconut butter eggs, steak, meat, LOTS of can sardines, cheese, hole organic raw milk, beef bone broth, liver marinaded middle eastern style, and some nuts but not too manny, also i am a weight lifter i also take a protien shake and cottage cheese and this all i need to live think and bee heather  … enjoy 

  11. TiNY SiN

    No… Not another low carb fad diet. They are not sustainable and more importantly, not healthy. Your body runs on carbs. Every cell in your body needs glucose. You are starving your body of that essential fuel. Carbs are not bad if they come from the right sources like fruits. 

  12. Rana Cjp

    Did she say 3burgers!? A keto diet is based on MODERATE meat! Over indulgence of meat creates a state if the liver turning the excess meat the liver turns it into sugar and that will be stored to fat.
    Read more about why your doing…

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