Paleo fitness Before After for Women

So, what are the benefits of eating Paleo? Turns out there are many, but the most frequently touted is its ability to reduce the blood-sugar crashes that come with high-carbohydrate foods. These foods trigger an “insulin rollercoaster” that can cause everything from mood swings to diabetes.

I lost a lot of weight eating Paleo. I dropped three pants sizes, and people often told me how great I looked.

So what can you eat on the paleo diet – and what can’t you eat?

Fish, meat, seeds, nuts, greens, eggs, berries and vegetables are on the menu. Anything processed, harvested or man-made is out. Sugar counts as a processed, highly refined food, so all sweets and anything sweetened is out. Fruit, which also has a high sugar content, is paleo, but as sugar levels are high, limit portions if you are trying to lose weight.

The diet recommends eating:

55% of daily calories from seafood and lean meat

15% of calories from each of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds

No dairy

Almost no grains

No added salt or sugar

Foods you can eat on the paleo diet


Meat (fresh, not highly processed) – grass-fed

Nuts – in moderation if you’re trying to lose weight


Healthy oils – olive, avocado, coconut, sesame


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