Model Interview: Low Carb Diet


– What was your life like before cutting?

Before cutting carbs, I had a lot of issues with excessive bloating and discomfort, and flab around my waist. I remember my mom once pinching the flab around my back and telling me to be careful because it is possible to be slender and be unhealthy which is indicated by a large abdomen in proportion to the rest of the body.

– What was the turning point that made you want to begin cutting carbs from your diet?

When I decided to cut carbs, it was a long term decision to prevent constant discomfort from a protruded abdomen which is what is great about a low carb diet, it makes you feel leaner even before you drop the pounds. The turning point came from feeling uncomfortable. Carbs bloat the tummy and cause multiple problems especially during PMS. Cutting carbs was the only solution for me.

– How did you come up with this carb cutting plan?

I first started with Atkins. I did not plan on being on Atkins a long time but I used it to force myself to go drastic with my carb cutting plan. After that, I added back beans, nuts and seeds in my diet. My carb now comes solely from these foods, fruit and vegetables.

– How much weight did you lose in the first two weeks and what was your reaction?

I lost 3 pounds in the first week. I knew it was not fat but water loss but I felt lighter. I felt more energetic, but more than that, I worried less. The one thing women underestimate is how much bloating on top of weight gain affects your day. I did not worry as much about what I ate since, I did not think it was possible to gain weight on low carb diets.

– How has your life changed since you began this technique?

I never have to worry about weight gain and bloating which was something I was tired of thinking about. Everywhere there is talk about losing weight and dieting, but I wanted to lose the pressure of it for life, so since committing to low carb, I don’t gain weight, I eat healthier, and if I go out and drink wine or champagne I don’t worry about possible weight gain either, because low carb is a prevention method for weight issues.

– Was this easy for you?

Not necessarily. If you go to parties, or dinner or if there is a lifestyle change, you might not have the right food available. I had to learn what to eat and where. If I am at Macdonalds or a fine dining restaurant, I know how to choose. But the most important thing is knowing what is filling. A cold salad will leave you with hunger pangs but a steaming hot dish of broccoli and chicken is definitely a better choice.


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