4 Low Carb Diet Plans That Are Some Of The Most Popular


There are a number of low carb diet plans available for you to choose from.These diet plans are successful for many people because you still get to eat. You just change the kinds of food you eat. Here is an overview of four of the most popular low carb diets plans for you to consider.

Atkins Diet

The most famous low carb diet is the Atkins Diet. The Atkins Diet was created by Dr. Robert C. Atkins. It Focuses on the consumption of nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods and vita-nutrient supplementation, the Atkins diet restricts processed / refined
carbohydrates, such as high-sugar foods, breads, pasta, cereal and starchy vegetables. The Atkins Diet sells products and offers more information called the Atkins Advantage.

The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet was developed by Barry Sears, a former researcher in biotechnology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Zone dietary program is based upon consistent insulin control coupled with the supplementation of high-dose fish oil.

The Zone's eating plan is a combination of a small amount of low-fat protein, fats, and carbohydrates in the form of fiber-rich vegetables and fruits. Proteins should be eaten with every meal and at every snack. Carbohydrates should be twice the size of the protein portion.

These include vegetables, beans, and whole-grains. "Unfavorable carbohydrates" such as brown rice, pasta, bananas, bagels, etc. should be eaten in smaller portions.

Protein Power

The Protein Power Plan book was published in 1995, Michael and Mary Eades. Protein Power is most closely compared to Atkins in that it is at the more restrictive end of the spectrum where carbohydrates are concerned.

However there are some differences. The Eades permit the consumption of alcohol and caffeine unlike Atkins. PP was also one of the first plans to allow for the deduction of fiber from the total carbohydrate count, thus permitting a higher Effective Carbohydrate Level.

Special Carbohydrate Diet

The premise of this diet is that a nourishing, healthy, natural diet, minus grains, sugar and preservatives, can often restore a digestive system to good health. The diet does not limit the amount of carbohydrates eaten, just the kind of carbohydrates. This diet is outlined in the book 'Breaking the Vicious Cycle' by Elaine Gottschall.

You can find more information on low carb diet plans by just doing a search online in your favorite search engine. If you are willing to change what you eat and concentrate on low carb foods you can lose weight and feel more healthy than you do today.

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