Low Carb Diets For Teens


Carbohydrates are an important food, a source of fuel and energy required by the body for doing work. It is obtained from dairy products such as grains, fruits and vegetables. Extra carbs are stored as glycogen in the muscles and the liver. There are two types of carbohydrates or "carbs" as they are frequently called, namely, simple and complex carbs.

Carbs are categorized on the basis of the time taken to digest them. Simple carbs are easily digestible whereas complex carbs take longer to digest. Carbs are essential during the growing years of teens. However, carbs taken in excess could have an adverse impact on health and make an individual put on weight. Dieticians typically recommend low carb diets for obese teens.

Teens who are living a sedentary lifestyle with minimal exercise do not burn up the extra calories obtained from carbs. It is advisable to take small portions of food frequently to maintain energy levels rather than actually cutting down or completely eliminating carbs from diet. It is healthier to include complex carbs such as vegetables and whole grains than simple sugars.

A low carb diet regime should be followed by teens only if a medical practitioner or a professional dietician prescribes it. It is not advisable to get lured by advertisements that promote low carb foods to effect weight loss. While low carb diets can result in weight loss, it is usually temporary and after the diet is discontinued, the individual gains back the lost weight.

This can be harmful to teenagers if their body becomes deficient in the essential nutrients associated with carbs. Usually, teens combine low carb diets with high protein diets that are very high in fat content. Extra energy is required to digest the proteins and the kidney may be affected in the long-term due to overwork.

There are medical cases to prove that low carb diets can be risky for teens in other ways such as when the excess proteins use up calcium from the body and stunt the person's growth during these developmental years.


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