Atkins Low Carb Food – The Pros And Cons


There have been large disputes as to whether Atkins low carb diet really works or only deteriorates the body's capacity to lose weight faster. There are also quite a lot of studies which aimed to establish the truths and fallacies in Atkins low carb weight loss diet. However, just like most weight loss plans, it is normally easier to get hooked with the more convenient information regardless if it is helpful or not.

This article, however, would try to eliminate the prejudice approach towards Atkins low carb diet and food, and would attempt to discuss only the pros and cons of eating low carb food selected for Atkins weight loss plan only.


The approach towards Atkins low carb food is fairly simple. Once you have learned enough in the types of foods to eat plus the regular carb count, you would find that this diet is not so restrictive at all.

Atkins low carb food selections are fairly varied. Unlike most comprehensive diet plan which forbid the consumption of "sinful" foods, Atkins low carb dieting advocates the integration of fats and oils in the diet. For example, forbidden foods like butter, steak and cream are typically removed form the other types of dieting. However, Atkins suggests the consumption of these fats plus extra focus on Omega 3s and olive oil.

Another advantage with adhering to Atkins low carb food is that it helps you find your own level of carbohydrate consumption. It is very clear that people have various levels of carb consumption, or sensitivity for that matter, that must be tapped so that the weight loss system would work most efficiently. This probably is the central guiding principle for Atkins low carb food and the most plausible one.

However, Atkins low carb foods and dieting also have its own share of negative factors including:


Its popularity. While we have listed popularity in the cons, we should also note that it also works against itself. Because most people in the weight loss industry have already heard a lot about Atkins low carb food, it is almost certain that you would be hearing quite diverse opinions about it, including misconceptions, misuse and myths. So if you talk about your diet or the type of Atkins low carb food you consume, you might find yourself in the defensive side trying to justify the reasonability of the weight loss system.

Also, because you have to find your own comfort zone with the carb consumption, you need to be very conscious with the types and quantity of carbohydrates even if they were already included in the list of Atkins low carb foods.

Understandably, Atkins low carb food and diet are not perfectly designed so as to suit all types of dieters. It is imperfect enough that it could work effectively for quite a lot of people. However, its imperfection must not overshadow all the benefits and advantages that could be had from its uses.


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