Tim Noakes Low-Carbohydrate Diet vs Patrick Holford Low Gl Diet.

Two high profile personalities who are making an impact on a subject that touches our everyday lives – eating. Prominent food scientist, Professor Tim Noakes has been in the news lately with his controversial Banting diet – a diet that was once used for weight loss but went out of favour in the west some 55 years ago. It was replaced with one that emphasised low fat foods.
There are similarities in the diets of Holford and Noakes in that they both promote certain food combinations that release energy slowly and therefore reduce any tendency to overeat, there are also significant differences in that Noakes food combination includes an almost total exclusion of quick energy releasing carbohydrates and an inclusion of previously villified fats which work together to satisfy the appetite and therefore require fewer meals while Holford’s low Gl diet includes minimal carbohydrates and frequent low-enegy reducing meals.
As a highly respected nutritionist in the sporting world what actually led Professor Noakes to his change of mind from someone advocating a high carbohydrate diet for athletes back in the 1980’s to now recommending the opposite.
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  1. Joseph Behrmann

    Well, I'm going with Tim Noakes and one month into his way of eating, I have to say there has already been a big improvement
    in my general health and many symptoms, like Acid Reflux, Dry Skin and Fatigue are disappearing fast. I've dropped tea and coffee and now eat only two meals a day, sometimes only one. That's saved a ton of money ( I was drinking coffee and snacking in cafes most days) and the food now is dense in nutrition. No need to think so much about meals so I get a lot more done each day. I've tried Vegan, Raw, etc, but this is the best diet for me by far. The plan is to live forever; so far so good!

  2. Alonzo Garcia

    My friends first introduced me into the weight loss plan "fizy amazing plan", and i also googled it. My entire life has changed for the better just after I shed 13 pounds by following this plan!. Try this your self, hope you will enjoy it like me.

  3. Jefferdaughter

    Interesting how we all tend to think in terms of trees or no trees. Savanna habitats actually support a greater mass of mammalian species per square mile than any other habitat, according to (if I recall correctly) Holistic Management Int'l and the Savory Instittute. IF managed to mimic the relationship between the wild herds that once numbered in the many millions on every continent except Antarctica, domestic meat animals actually RESTORE the health of the soil, plant diversity, the water cycle, and carbon sequestration in soils (which grasses do more efficiently than trees).
    Everyone should check into this for themselves, but all healthy eco-systems have animals as a key part of the system. When agriculture (the production of food and fiber) is done like factory production instead of a biological activity, the industrial methods tend to destroy soil life –
    – on which all life on land depends – destroy plant diversity… releases soil carbon to the atmosphere… decreases soil water holding capacity, increasing both flooding and drought… destroys wildlife habitat… increases runoff & erosion… and leads toward desertification, especially in areas of low to moderate or seasonal rainfall.

  4. mikeymike rankin

    been there done that R=TRIED the slow carbs no no no didnt work i really tried tried tried w barley brown rice whole wheat and tons of veggies. Waste of time. Fat works notice how Holford didnt mention fats, there u go Noakes is saying FAT FAT FAT for those of us who have evidence of insulin resistance or carb intolerance you r kidding yourself. Sorry but Noakes is absolutely correct. Most people I know who eat eggs bacon are set for the day just how it is. Protein leaves you hungry because it doesnt give you energy OK just the way it is Look up Jeff Volek who works w athletes and is doing the science along with Noakes and quite a few others.

  5. Errol Smith

    I am totally carb resistant with insulin off the scale even after taking a statin and following a dietrician's diet religiously. O haven't touched sugar for more than 6 months and was still gaining weight!  This due to insulin!!! I am on Paleo now and within the first week can feel the amazing difference! I am totally with Prof. Noakes on this one!  He is rewriting the medical journals and rightly so!!!

  6. SharpieNail Art

    I just can't say enough how Excited I am that Professor Noakes is on board with this low carb eating lifestyle  !!   I'm not a big Book reader, I rather research stuff online. I decided after listening to him and know he has the science to back up his claims. I'm going to buy his book.     With all my allergies and health problems I did tell my Dr.  I was thinking about seeing a Natural path , she gave me a strange look and said " You better watch out for them , We licensed  Dr.s  don't agree with their practices" !! Then when my Dr. challenges me or has even  tried to tell me I need low fat and high carbs . She even told me when my blood pressure was dropping very low to eat saltine Crackers  . That tells you what kind of Dr I have WOW — I will be bringing  my Book :)

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