The Secret About Low Carb Diets


Low carb diets are here to stay regardless of how you feel about them but are low carb diets the best for fat loss and health? First we have to separate fact from fiction, which is harder to do with each passing day. More research keeps coming out and more people keep giving their opinion but almost everyone is missing a very important point. Carbohydrates are the only nonessential nutrient, which means that we need protein and fats to live off of but we do not need carbs. Our body can actually make energy and function fine with proteins and healthy fats.

Now that's not to say that we should eliminate all carbohydrates from our diet. That's not the case but we have to go on a controlled carb diet, not a low carb diet. There's a difference here. Researchers at the University of Connecticut have done numerous studies on low carb diets for both athletes and regular average joes. They found that when carbohydrates are eaten at specific times of the day our body actually uses them the way we were meant to. That is that they are stored in the muscle as opposed to stored as fat. Another positive case of low carb diets.

The best times to consume carbohydrates are

-First Thing in the morning
-Before Exercise
-Up To two hours post exercise

Those three times allow for our body to use carbohydrates as energy, something that is sorely lacking on traditional low carb diets. Another advantage is on our health. Metabolic syndrome is a prevalent disease in today's society, which comes from people eating too many carbohydrates. Diabetes, high cholesterol, chronic headaches and a host of other popular ailments are all as a result of high carbohydrate diets.

Carbs are not the enemy however and that is what most low carb diets will have you believing. It's our timing of them that matters the most. So next time you are out, think twice before you order your meal.


Source by Jimmy Smith

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