I love juices smoothies and salads. Raw living foods will change your life. Get your energy high with recipes like this. Peace.



  1. Garland N

    Very true, heat and ph alter the enzymes and fat in plants and nuts. Where you live does determines how much fat we need to consume. Veggies and fruit have the minimum amount of fat we need. I am so toxic that I will need veggies to start a detox before I can start using fruit. Thank you Dan for the great info.

  2. ctguitarguy

    This guy is a piece of work. Of course he gets to relax and do his hippy bullshit, because he makes his fucking living off of other people's ignorance. Most people work egregiously and can't afford organic food. And they sure as hell don't have the kind of money that comes with marketing the lifestyle that you do. Lots of email marketing, affiliate sales, all sorts of shit.  It must be hard eh fella?

  3. Neidy Godinez

    Speaking of RAW IS LAW… I was looking at your Amazon store & was looking into buying your carob powder. Upon closer inspection, I learned it's roasted for 10 minutes NOT under 118 degrees. Apparently, Sun Foods has a raw version. Everyone on this diet makes mistakes – I know I have on this raw diet (going strong 6 months). Anyway, I just wanted to bring it to your attention :)

  4. awaben

    What a great video Dan, especially the grandmother at the end who said she had been telling her daughter to take the medicine and get fat.  Ha ha bless her.  People today are confronted with a wall of that kind of sentiment, from food companies to health companies all the way up to oil companies I suppose, so I don't blame her. They constantly tell us we need more more more, then chop us up and poison us when we get stressed and sick. While all the time we have to invest our hard earned and taxed money for the Privilege, what a hoax!. Great video Sir, really great.

  5. angelbe88

    I agree with transition. I enjoy Spira's vids on Arnold Ehret's mucusless diet. I went off meat first, increasing raw foods, then eliminated dairy, then processed foods. It's worked for me.

  6. angel ashlee

    Brilliant video dan…
    I really apprechiate you sharing your knowledge…
    I am a vegetarian since 6 years, my family eat meat daily.
    Last year i went on a vegan diet for 6 months and i felt better then ever.
    But i really went all in over night and i didn't think about easing in slowly… So i love how you say, that it is a process…
    I will try to be vegan again soon, sometimes i just feel it's a little hard when you have different events to approach but i am really into it and i don't actually eat a lot of milk products…
    Thx for the videos dan

  7. TheLeon1032

    you are all in danger!! youve all tried all kinds of diets and they didnt work! guess what its all in ur minds!                       your just waiting to give yourself permission to let go     and when you finally do  youll give all the credit to the diet and not the new illussion youve now newly created!               listen to the mind racing its so desperate to be heard!! LET GO                 PEACE TO ALL U BEAUTIFULL PEOPLE!

  8. Albert O

    Nice video Dan. WOW with great ease and flow you give us so much info here. I am amazed at the passion you share on here. Im long ways to be where I need to be at but Dan I wanna thank you cuz you inspire me and at times when Im feeling down you tell us to take things one at a time and little by little and continue to evolve. So thanks Dan press on, continue on no matter what the haters or nay sayers may comment here.
    God Bless you and your family.

  9. Chase Bowman

    Been watching your videos for years, but only started to realize what you're actually talking about with this Path of Fear/Love stuff last week. It's a bizarre feeling but I'm pushing through it, hopefully I don't get too skinny and freak people out :/

  10. porcelaindolli3

    Dan, I need help, STAT.  Everytime I up my fat (over 10%), I get yeast infections. The only thing that helps the Candida in me, I find, is more fruit + less fat. The thing is, mentally and emotionally, as well as energetically, (exercise wise), the fat makes me feel fine. It is only around right before menstrual cycle that the yeast infection(candida) starts again and I swell in my private parts. I really hope you can see this and offer some kind of education or help to me. I keep searching for information. I will be emailing you if you do not happen upon this comment. In the mean time, do any other commentors have advices for me? ~~<3

  11. Daniel Broughan

    ehret clearly states that cooked or steamed vegetables are far better than fats at slowing down elimination. i don't believe fats are a good idea in sick cases. dr gerson recognised that tumours grew back when fatds were incorporated back into the programme.

  12. Borna Jakelic

    Amazing, I've been watching your videos for 2+ years, you never fail to inspire.
    I highly recommend you check out Prof. Spira, he highly emphasizes transition and is very experienced.

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