4 Months Before and After Low Carb Vegan Diet to Build Muscle

I intermittent fast 21 hours a day, and it just one meal a day. I’m on a high fat vegan diet, and I’m trying to build muscle. Before and after pictures and videos to show my results so far!

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42 Replies to “4 Months Before and After Low Carb Vegan Diet to Build Muscle”

  1. Pat B

    You're in dreamland. It's clear by your picture you're far smaller and less muscular not you had much muscle to start with. Yes you dehydrated your own nuts alight. You reversed the scale numbers clearly. First you gained 80 lbs then it's 10 lbs and somehow Jan to Sept is 4 months lol. Math much?

  2. TheKnowledgeThurst

    My first and last meal of the day…haaaahmmm…2-3 tablespoons organic coconut oil 2 cups of simple truth almond milk .75 cup raw old fashioned oatmeal .26 cup chickpea flower 2 organic bananas 1/4 cupbflax seed mill 2 tablespoons of cold pressed olive oil. that's for the smoothie. I also am now preparing 3 to 4 wheat pancakes and an onion omelette with chickpea flower. I'll be taking several normal vitamins I take including A B12 E D3. what do you think?

  3. robby

    I'm glad you have made gains but the reason your binging on high fat/protein nuts that have wait for it…CARBS is your depriving your body what it needs, if you increase your workout then binge on 1,600 cal of nuts then yeah your gonna gain muscle but your not on a low carb/cal diet

  4. Arno Dunstatter

    "that hormonal boost", you have literally no evidence for this other than you gullibly believing a guy who appropriated an egyptian god's name, lol.

    Can you gain strength while fasting? Sure, but it's not effective. I guarantee that if you're having a caloric deficit you're going to lose weight. It's the first fucking law of thermodynamics dude. Conservation of mass and energy. There's no way around it. If you discovered one then you need to apply for a nobel piece prize, because you'll win it, lol. If you gained weight then you had to have been eating a caloric surplus, even if it's contained within a single meal.

    1 to 2 cups of nuts after dinner….you're really blurring the line between 1 and 2 meals here.

    This video is basically refuting the earlier video i commented on…you're admitting in here to having a high caloric intake.

  5. Rocket Octav

    The intermitent fasting is the real thing here,that fat just .Check nutritionists like Arnold Ehret that ,in my opinion,proved everything possible in achieving health by intermitent fasting and fasting in general.How can you even admit that the perfect human diet consists of fermented nut yogurts?Nature provided every single being with its food but couldnt do it for the human until 21st century when he's got a Vitamix and probiotics,that's absurd.You should listen and hear what nature says,feel the inner ape in yourself and eat natural.I am not gonna point fingers whats best but even if your digestion doesnt work now when you are young,what you will do in 20-30 years…the fatty diet cant be longterm so it doesnt work.I could recommend more great nutritionists but I think the realest one is Ehret and he should be the further staple.Keep cool.Peace

  6. Healthiest Vegan

    I can't tell if this is what you are really doing or not, lol. Going from fruit to fat makes about as much sense of going from crack to heroin. Hope you find the middle road. IF just slows down your metabolism & helps you eat beyond your TDEE so you have the extra energy to build muscle combined with the increased calorie density of fats. Protein powders are worthless other than to add a calories to under eaters diets. Get Robert Cheeke's book Shred It with the companion guide to track everything. You will poop & make gains & be healthy.

  7. b.cage

    the reason hes having a hard time shitting is because of the added dehydrated nuts hes been binging on, i bet if he ate regular for a month and cut out the magnesium he'd be fine.

  8. Colm Rooney

    Magnesium has been depleted in soil by around 25% in the last century. greens work as a supplement, listen to "Fruit Will Set You Free's video about greens. Of course you do a totally different thing and that I respect! Everyone may choose their own adaptations and have fun as long as we stay raw! :)

  9. narc buster

    The pterodactyl comment absolutely cracked me up. I spat out some watermelon I laughed so hard. (by the way I was eating watermelon at the time. It wasn't a miraculous humour-induced watermelon creation)

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