Zero Gram Net Carb Waffle Recipe | LOW CARB VALENTINE GIFT IDEAS

Because I cannot currently film recipe videos for you guys, here is a quick waffle recipe t hold you over! I also filmed a mini grocery haul and gifts ideas for your low carb Valentine!

Items from this video (or the closest I can find!) can be found here:
Coconut Flour:
Organic Ground Flax:
Vanilla Liquid Stevia Drops:
Grassfed Primal Jerky:
Quest Bar Sampler:
Waffle Maker:
Food Scale:
Grass Fed Vanilla Whey:
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18 Replies to “Zero Gram Net Carb Waffle Recipe | LOW CARB VALENTINE GIFT IDEAS”

  1. Carmine212

    People need to start researching a bit more about sugar alcohols and fiber. Atkins net carb is BULLZHIT! Any sugar alcohols should not be taken away from the carb count. Half of the sugar alcohols should and also half the fiber count. IT DOES IMPACT INSULIN LEVELS IN THE BODY. Just "RESEARCH IT". Not 5 years ago research but about 2 years. Even the old research says it impacts insulin levels.
     Still enjoy your Channel and this video here.

  2. Mary Clever

    I absolutely love your vids 😀
    I thin I'm gonna make them and for the toppings I'm gonna put cottage cheese or yogourt topped banana and clementine slices… 
    So excited ! 
    BTW I LOVE broccoli too, it's a staple here 😉 xx

  3. erstam

    I can't wait to make these this weekend. I love the short sweet recipe videos (not that I don't love the longer ones to :)). Any specific Greek yogurt with super lower sugar and higher fat? 

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