Low-Carb Italian Food


While many people love Italian food, those that are trying to stick to a low-carb diet often shy away from it. no wonder, with many meals centering on large amounts of pasta and bread. However, if you are looking for low-carb Italian foods then there are some to be found. Many Italian meals center on fresh veggies, olive oil, and herbs and are just as delicious as pasta and pizza. Here is a look at just some of the Italian foods you can try while sticking to your special diet.

Starters And Appetizers

If you are looking for low-carb Italian food, one of the first places to look for it is in the antipasto course. Antipasto, Italian for "before the meal" includes numerous starters and appetizers, but many of these foods could work as a meal on their own. One example is a tray of Italian cold cuts and cheeses. Many marinated and pickled vegetables are also low in carbohydrates. Stuffed tomatoes and peppers, deviled eggs, and salads all work well for this type of diet. Just avoid any antipasto items that involve bread or pasta. You may also need to pay attention to dips and salad dressings to make sure that they are not high in carbs as well. A simple dressing made of balsamic vinegar and olive oil is low-carb and delicious.


Italian salads are another great low-carb Italian food. You will have to use caution to avoid salads that use pasta and bread, but with some careful planning you can find many delicious alternatives. You can eat Italian salad as a meal of its own or as a side dish. Consider fennel and orange salad from Sicily for a unique taste.

Grilled peppers and olives also make great additions, as do many of the Italian cheeses. Even regular vegetables can become spectacular dishes when combined with Italian herbs and seasonings. You can easily make up your own low-carb meal by serving a large quantity of vegetables with some baked or grilled fish.

Soup And Stew

Italian soups and stews are often hearty enough to eat as a meal on their own, or served alongside a fresh salad. For low-carb Italian food, look for soups that are full of fresh vegetables and avoid those that are laden with pastas. Broccoli soup is one good option, as is tomato and basil soup. For protein you can often find soups that include seafood and other meats, some unusual like rabbit. Beans, chickpeas, and lentils can also be good sources of protein, but if you are on a very low-carb diet you will want to avoid these as well.


If you are looking for a substitute for bread and / or a way to use up last night's vegetables, frittatas are the way to go. Frittatas are an Italian version of the omelet, and are often cut into wedges for serving. They can be flavored with any number of ingredients, including vegetables, herbs, and salami or chicken.


When you are looking for low-carb Italian food, there is no reason to skip dessert! Fruit is a common choice, whether baked or served fresh in a salad. The popular gelato is another low-carb dessert that you can indulge in. You will find that many Italian desserts are either naturally low-carb or can be adapted to your new diet.


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