How to Meal Prep on the Paleo Diet- Gauge Girl Training

Whether you have been training and competing for years or are just getting started on a healthy lifestyle, watch this video from start to finish to and learn to meal prep like a pro in record time. For more information on a meal plan that you can prep for your own goals check out these scientifically formulated nutrition plans:…

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10 Replies to “How to Meal Prep on the Paleo Diet- Gauge Girl Training”

  1. Shelly Lanette

    Great tips! I like to use parchment paper on top of my foil when oven baking. Not sure if it is true or not, but aluminum might be bad to cook on, so that's the reason behind it. Just makes me feel proactive. Thanks for sharing…I subbed!

  2. Donna Borooah

    Hi Christine, my tip for spaghetti squash is actually to slice it in half width-wise instead of length-wise, because the strands are longest in rings all around the circumference of the squash rather than by length. Enjoy!

  3. Vdollz 30

    I find it amazing how the masses (not meaning anything negative towards this video at all) seem to make it seem like meal prep is some new phenomenon, to me it's just common sense, been doing this since I was very young, my mom and most people we knew meal preppred it seems weird if u don't, maybe it's just me

  4. JES K

    Hi Christine :)) I tried this recipe today and OMG it tastes amaaazing!!! Thank You so much and God Bless you for sharing this easy recipe. I love recipes that you can remember from on top of your head. I was skeptical because I had never tried this squash but it was great:) I cheated a little and drizzled it with ceaser dressing…I know…but I am pre-paleo right now. Ive noticed every time I restrict or deprive myself I end up having a nasty relapse so I am being more forgiving, adjusting, and understanding towards myself. Looking forward to more easy and quick Paleo recipes from you that taste heavenly:)))

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