Low Carb Diet – The Ultimate Diet For Fast Fat Loss


People for years have been trying to find the exact science which shows that if we eat properly we can control our weight. Ever since the Atkins diet was introduced people have been wondering for years if a low carb diet actually works.

Remember although you want to eat healthy you still need to know why you are on a diet and your goals. So let's take a look and see why a low-carbs actually work.

If you take a look and count the calories and the type of food you eat you will quickly find out that eating bad food got you into the problem you are in and eating the right food is going to get you out of your problem. The low carb diet works because your body needs protein from lean meat, eggs, fish and poultry and also needs good fats that are in oil, fish, butter and low starch vegetables, fruits and greens.

Your body knows exactly what it needs to survive. If you starve yourself, your body will wait until you eat and then try to distribute the food proportionally. Remember starving yourself is not a diet and will only make you sick or ill in the end. When eating low carb foods you do not even have to call it a diet, eating properly is not a diet it is just a wise decision.

When you eat a meal your body will break down the foods so that it is possible to absorb the nutrients. Foods fall into 3 simple categories: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Your body needs all 3 types of these foods in order to survive. There is however no diseases that occur from the lack of carbohydrates. If you are starting out you can eliminate carbs all together and then slowly add them into your eating habits at a later time. Remember your goal hopefully is to correct your current health problems, lose weight and control your blood and sugar levels and also lower your cholesterol.

Here is a basic list of foods that you should eat on the low carb diet plan that are similar to the USDA food pyramid. Remember the food pyramid is seriously outdated and we know a lot more about our bodies and how they work with recent technology. So to get back on track you will want to eat food with proteins and good quality fats. This will be your largest area for food consumption. Then you move to vegetables and fruits and the last is other carbs. Remember the choice for no carbs or little carbs is totally up to you.

People have said that they have seen people that are on low carb diets and they are thin but do not look healthy. There is a simple reason for this. These people are not eating enough protein to help to rebuild the tissues that break down each day from normal living. Many people that workout stated that they had no energy so they added more carbs to their diet. Again these people were not getting enough good quality protein to help their body replenish itself.

If you are thinking about going on a diet or you are not sure if you and your body can take another diet then you definitely need to look at low carb diets or low carb foods. Your body will thank you in the long run.


Source by Randal Lahey

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