Healthy Protein Brownies | Easy Low Carb Recipe

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27 Replies to “Healthy Protein Brownies | Easy Low Carb Recipe”

  1. alex931022

    very nice vid rem! i am enjoying all of your post lately, really nice content, what you said at the end would deserve a full video on it's own in my opinion , the whole '' be good for a few day and mess up'' creating kind of an endless cycle, i would really like if you posted your story about that and how you got out of it, since i find myself pretty much in that spot at the moment

  2. Thunder Strike

    You literally make a great video that inspires me everyday, you keep climbing your hill to victory, and you continue to cheer me on during my climb. You keep doing what your doing, the journey is longer and harder for the best, and that's what you are, keep it up!!!!!!!

  3. John Wood

    Rem, you have stepped up your game sooo much lately!! I look forward to watching your show everyday!! In my opinion, you are the best youtuber out there!! Keep it up!!!!!

  4. Krishan Modi

    you should try banana pancakes, its really simple, mash a banana and add 2 eggs, whisk and make small portions on a frying pan, they taste really good with peanut or almond butter, you can easily find recipes on youtube (brothersgreen has one)

  5. Diamond Dave

    They got that brownie look, lol man, now you got me feigning for brownies. Ill have to make a batch and try them out. Not trying to be jealous. Lol great video take care my friend.

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