High Protein Low Carb Low Fats Equals NO Muscle Gains!!! @hodgetwins


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Keith and Kevin Hodge the Hodgetwins are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels Hodgetwins, Twinmusleworkout, AskHodgetwins and fastingtwins. They have earned a respectable 2.8 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 450 million views over these channels. YouTube Inaugural #YouTubeBLACK Event To Support Creators Of Color really changed our outlook and we would like to thank youtube for holding such an event.


45 Replies to “High Protein Low Carb Low Fats Equals NO Muscle Gains!!! @hodgetwins”

  1. Ty Wizowski

    boys. what if you are a fat bastard who starts this diet ? I am 20 and I have been on the high protein/fat low carb diet for 5 days and I am shedding weight like a motherfucker. feel great and am getting into gym tomorrow.

  2. emu Khan

    Yo yo… Nice vid. My dad was formerly a fatty. He remodeled himself from 279lbs of fat into 202 lbs of real lean muscle. I couldn't believe it! I just subscribed myself because I'm attempting to get heftier muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  3. Md Zubair

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  4. 1986maxy

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  5. Al Mamun

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  6. Rahul Hasan

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  7. Salvador Herrera

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  8. Celtiberum

    Don't agree with you on this subject. Low carb diet is great for fat loss and since you keep your strengh trainning and since you eat around 55% of good fats in your total caloric intake it's ok. Muscle just don't break down due to low carbs man.

    However this is just my opinion and my respect to you guys!

    Of course low carb diet will make you less ''willing'' to train like a bull as when you ate more carbs but if you push yourself to keep lifting those weights your muscle will stay there :)

  9. MD Abdul aziz Jewel

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  10. Alfin Syafrizal

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  11. Nazrul Islam

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  12. Mindaugas7100

    Oi tavo kunelis jau stiprus, noreciau ismeiginti lovoi 🙂
    Daugiau kaloriju valgyk, apie 1600 ar 1800 ir bus geriau, angliavandenius pakelkt iki 200g ir fat daugiau, o protein tai uztenka.

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