Fat Adapted Athletes Perform Better w/ Cate Shanahan, MD

Dr. Cate Shanahan is a board certified Family Physician, author of Deep Nutrition and nutritional consults for the LA Lakers.

In this interview, we discuss the science behind real food-based, low-carb diets and sports performance. Additionally, we discuss the Four Pillars (common findings) of all healthy human diets.

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Minute 0-15

Benefits of fat burning over sugar burning for aerobic exercise AKA cardio
Ketosis versus fat burning
The short term effect of exercise on fat burning
Simple hack to optimize your fat burning on any given day
Minute 15-30

How I built on the work of Weston Price
The real reason we’ve blamed saturated fat for heart attacks since the 1960s
Why the diet doctors recommend is the fad, not an ancestral diet
Why I believe that the best source of nutritional info are old-fashioned cookbooks
The Four Pillars of an Optimal Human Diet (boiled down from old-fashioned cookbooks and travel-foodie shows)
Minute 30-45

Meal timing and hormonal hacks to simplify curing a sweet tooth
What a healthy breakfast should look like
The biggest dietary change in human history is our dramatic increase in vegetable oil intake
Why vegetable oils are toxic to the reproductive process (men and women)
Minutes 45+

A ratio called phi is nature’s formula for ensuring that our skeletal growth is optimally functional and beautiful
The best first step to optimizing your health should be one that gives you immediate positive feedback


21 Replies to “Fat Adapted Athletes Perform Better w/ Cate Shanahan, MD”

  1. Renee Moore

    I really love the last comment about small family farms and food production. I agree whole heartedly that family farm food production is healthier all around. we need healthy animal food sources, not the industrialized animal plants that pump out mega abused animals. Also organic vegetables and soils. Grass fed animals for vitamin k2 in our milks and butters and cheeses. we do need raw milk sources as well. it's too rare and now with raised nutrition awareness, where do we get this kind of foods.
    Also, did you see that Adam Sandler movie with Jennifer Anniston in Hawaii and the lady with the eyebrows? Not to be unkind, but your glasses, my dear emphasise that one raised brow most prominently. I was amused, I admit. Don't be offended, I think you are really smart and are doing a great job.
    Great interview, I really appreciated it.

  2. Tiffany Lo

    Can't wait to read her book! As usual great interview…I liked how you touch on a different topics compared to other interviews with Dr. Cate. I follow a lot of the major podcasters and they all seem to interview the SAME people around the same time. It's like a race to see who can get the info out first lol. But you touched upon the topic of nutrition influencing bone structure and jaw development that no else mentioned…fascinating! Coming from an Asian background I am so grateful to my mother and grandparents for feeding (sometimes forcing me to eat) these types of traditional foods… I guess grandparents and mothers always know best.

    Thanks Mike!

  3. efivos

    Hey Mike. This is a great channel! In fact it's the first channel I am following (started recently) in all my youtube-lifetime, even though I am a vegan. It would be very nice to get some interviews from people who research on vegan diets, fruit and vegetable based, with veg/seed/nut fats. Thanks mate ;).
    P.S.: Body is not a fixed mechanism. It adapts to its needs and environment. That's why for every person out there there is one and only one style of diet and way of eating. Each one needs to figure out what is good and healthy for their self. The closer to the natural diet and natural way of living, the best for the health and the mind. It's up to each one separately to realise what is natural or not.

  4. Bambolin Cyprus

    Hi Mike, thank you for this great video. I`d like to ask you: every time, at the end, you say that vitamin D and fish oils are covered… What do you mean by that? Where are they covered? Was there a pod-cast about them that I missed?

  5. Rex Murray

    How come lots of hunter gatherer tribes eat starch? Hadza (tubars), Amazonian tribes (plantain), Peruvians (potato), pacific islanders (taro), Maori (Kumara). Is starch that bad for you? I eat a high fat diet but feel much better with a little bit of starch, emphasis on a little bit. Could this be problamatic while doing high fat? By the way love the vids!


    Oh Lord; both of you hairs need some help ASAP. To distracting. Does F$@K up hair is a new fab?
    No hate at all; just curious.
    One was plug to a 220-volt Zapper and the other got lick by a cow.

  7. clint076

    Four pillars according to Cate Shanahan: 1) Fresh food 2) Fermented and sprouted 3) Meat on the bone 4) Organ meats. If we build upon these four under the umbrella of eating a real food keto diet do we get the following? 1) Fat wise 2) Meat wise – meat on the bone, fatty fish, eggs, etc 3) Organ meats 4) Fatty tea 5) Eat Raw living food 6) Fermented foods 7) Wise veggies and sea vegies choices 8) Sprouted seeds 9) Spices and herbs 10) Cheese/Dairy ….Jesus bless you my friends

  8. ReTune

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  9. presjo

    thats strange. every scientific publications I've come across shows no performance benefits to athletes on a fat based diet.
    you dont need to"get athletes off the carbs" – thats whats fueling every high intensity athete today
    you cant fuel sprints with "good fats"

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