Do Low Carb Diets Work For Bodybuilders? | Straight Facts With Jerry Brainum

Everything you need to know about low carb diets for bodybuilders. Low carb and ketogenic diets are relatively effective at burning fat… but how does that fit into a bodybuilder lifestyle of trying to keep massive muscle? Jerry Brainum gives you the straight facts.

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28 Replies to “Do Low Carb Diets Work For Bodybuilders? | Straight Facts With Jerry Brainum”

  1. Jerry Bruton

    Thanks for the enlighten on a ketogenic diet. In my research, I discovered some of the topics in your comments. I have been on a diet for a year and a half. I'm 68 years old, and my major goal is to minimize sarcopenia. Based on my DEXA testing there was be no material loss in muscle mass, but my body fat is lower due to the diet. I do not carbs cycle. My macros average 70%, 20% and 10% for fats, proteins, and carbs respectively. Currently, my caloric intake is managed to avoid lean mass loss. I use blood Beta-hydroxybutyrate to monitor my nutritional ketosis state. I'm don't known if this diet is ideal for younger bodybuilders given the low insulin levels.

  2. Manu Teran

    If Ketone bodies are more efficient and believed to be ¨better¨ than glucose for the brain, then explain me why and how the hepatic encephalopathy physiopatology happens?

    Just keep it low carb people.

  3. TJ Mendoza

    I can't stand the BITCH that is at the LA Fitness show and just shits on any and everyone who is in shape there!? What a bitch to think that anyone who doesn't do it the way she does it is wrong??? WTF???

  4. TheCencil182

    its calories in vs calories out. sorry but I myself and countless others have got equally as shredded doing high carb high protein low fat vs moderate protein high fat no carbs. difference is one of those diets is much more sustainable and enjoyable. fat was lost as the same rate with both diets as they were both set at the same CALORIC DEFICIT. keto isn't superior fat loss in ANY shape or form.

  5. Rasheed

    FAT is where it's at, strength/size is a hormonal game (along with the lifting).. Fats boost test where as carbs raise cortisol. Raised cortisol means lower test and higher estrogen..   Go eat a high carb/sugar meal and how do you feel after?  Nap time right?  cortisol levels raised!

  6. vaskopz

    One problem with keto diet I never come across discussed anywhere is the Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio which is ideally 1:1 and should not be more than 1:4. It's hard to achieve when fats are 25-30% of your calories and nearly impossible when they are 80%.

  7. robowarriorx xx

    It reminds me a lot of Vince Gironda's max definition diet. No carbs, except once every 72 hours, a carb only meal, such as a pound of pasta, with no protein at all, just carbs. He also advocated a ton of supplements, like calcium, which he said would help combat the "nervousness" of cutting out those carbs while continuing to lift hard. Once again, Mr. Brainum, great info, and you prove to me the classic guys knew more than we seem to have forgotten today! One of these days, I need to get your newsletter!

  8. Michael Dubuss

    Great video, Jerry……especially your references to the potential negative effects on the gut microbiome.
    From personal experience, I can tell you that staying on a ketogenic diet long-term can damage the gut.
    I lost an incredible amount of fat but believe that it may have caused an auto-immune response, resulting in a hypothyroid condition.

  9. Vince C

    Don't count fiber as carbs !!! I think a much better way to calculate a low carb or ketogenic diet is to NOT include the number of grams of fiber in the foods you eat as carbs. Why? Because most of the fiber in your diet is not used for energy by the body. BUT fiber is absolutely necessary for proper digestion and health. This also means you can eat an almost unlimited amount of non-starchy vegetables, which should be the basis of a healthy low carb ketogenic diet.

  10. Exal Xavier

    high carb makes for more power and energy in lifts and seems to fill the muscle. but also adds fat IMO.. when cutting . protein veggies & no carbs and no sugar dice u to the socks.

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