Words for Low Carb Weight Loss Diets


Record 1992 as the year of low carb diet rebirth. However, even before this year, people had already been using low carb diet to facilitate their weight loss. In fact, during the 70's and 80's fad diets have become the norm in the society. The two most well-known among these are the Scarsdale and Atkins diets.

Scarsdale diet is a 14-day meal plan for which the main idea is to restrict as much calories as one can. Atkins diet is a weight loss plan that allows unlimited consumption of calories so long as the calorie intake from food items such as vegetables, fat, protein and carbohydrates are kept low.

While they remain to be the choice among Americans, these diet regimens have fell out of favor when rampant campaigns to eat lots of grains were initiated.

But then, they begin to relive their fame during the 90s.

The main premise though of all diet programs is to minimize the intake of simple and refined carbohydrates.

Refined carb is the proponent for the production of excess insulin in the body, which in turn leads to fat storage. These fats usually reside in the middle part of the body. Therefore, the fats you see in that region were all once simple carbohydrates.

While there are large discrepancies between different forms of diets, they all agree at one point- insulin, when produced in excess can truly create negative effects in the body. This is more prominent for diabetics.

Therefore, the key is to lower body sugar and get around from the use of simple carbs. To better understand our points, let us discuss simple carbs and complex carbs.

Simple carbs

Low nutrient content- high glycemic index.

That simply describes simple carbs. They can be digested fully and at great speed, which in effect can increase your blood sugar level dramatically. However, the risk comes when the blood sugar falls in the same manner.

To keep your body working efficiently, you can best avoid foods such as potatoes, white breads and bananas. Commercially processed foods like candies, cakes, cookies and soda beverages must be limited, if possible ignored.

Complex carbs, on the other hand, work in a different manner. They primarily contain high level of nutrients and do not change blood sugar instantly.

Because complex carb fiber content are high, they help greatly in maintaining an efficient digestive system which is both ideal for your health and weight loss. Fibers are helpful in cleaning your system as well as giving immediate sensation of stomach fullness. Therefore, they provide much bulk on the stool and in your stomach.

Along with the above said benefits, fibers are also effective in taking away with them carbohydrates and cholesterol. Thus, decreased risk towards fatal conditions such as heart attacks and the likes plus lesser carbohydrate content in your body.

Examples of foods that have high complex carb contents are the following: whole grains, majority of fruits and vegetables, legumes, beans and peas.

So when trying to loose weight by means of low carb diet, do not jump in immediately to extremely low carb-containing foods. Your body definitely needs some grains of carbs in that. Otherwise, your systems might be impaired due to carbohydrate insufficiency. If you want to loose weight faster, just avoid foods that contain simple carbs. But never go to the extreme of not eating them. A treat once in a while would be fine to make weight loss a success with out a sense of deprivation.


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