What Good a Raw Food Diet Can Do to You?


Have you ever considered the idea of ​​living on a raw food diet? The very mention of this suggestion may surprise many because most of the people do not even give a thought to this. Why should I opt for such a diet? What benefits does it offer? These are the questions many people will like to get the answers for.

A raw food diet offers many benefits. People who have adapted themselves to this kind of food have reported experiencing an increased energy level. Many have also found that their skin, nails and hair looked much healthier. These foods act on the body by detoxing heavy metals and toxins stored in the body tissues. They also help in creation of new health cells in place of imperfect or aging cells. Research shows that these foods protect the healthy cells by preventing them from turning into cancerous cells. They clean the body of viruses, parasites and unfriendly bacteria. This results in reversing some of the damages done to the system earlier.

We can keep on listing the benefits of a raw food diet. These foods are easy to digest and by eating this kind of foods, digestive disorders can be avoided. They are good for keeping the heart functioning well and studies have found that he incidences of heart disease among those who eat raw food regularly, is very less. They possess remarkable healing powers which apart from giving the body more protection against illness by improving the immune system alleviate common problems like allergies. Weight reduction is another commonly occurring benefit. Experts would describe this as weight normalization, because the body is able to get the right weight. This will result without your making any effort, using weight loss strategies or techniques.

A raw food diet sometimes called raw-vegan die, t consists of fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes, seeds and nuts. This is something better than what is called a vegetarian need. However, your diet plan need not be limited to consuming only vegetables. You can also include raw fish and meat in your diet. Purely from a nutrition angle, raw foods provide high levels of natural, essential nutrients such as fiber, essential oils, antimicrobials, plant hormones, bioflavonoids, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Nutritionists will agree that these constituents are highly beneficial to the human body. In addition to the number of health benefits listed above, living on such a diet on a regular basis will make you look juicy, fresh, vibrant and alive


Source by Chitra Rangaswami

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