Low Carb Thin Crispy Pizza Crust

Low Carb Thin-Crispy Pizza Crust
Oh my! Eating low carb can be very difficult if you love food with breads and crust. Well ,Kelly Herring the author of Healing Gourmet has amazing low carb recipes that will make it so much easier for you to stay on track. To find the recipe book and recipe go to: http://www.lowcarbrecipeideas.com/low-carb-thin-crispy-pizza-crust/.


20 Replies to “Low Carb Thin Crispy Pizza Crust”

  1. Emily Nguyen

    Just made it for dinner with salami topping. My pizza came out a bit thick and messy cause I couldn't flip it over, it stuck with baking paper and not kept the shape well. But the flavor was really good and it was so crunchy. Thanks for ur video! I'll try harder next time ^^!

  2. momof2

    Yay pizza! Looking forward to trying it. So much flavor in the crust alone ! Thank you . Love your videos. Your videos have become my favorite lo carb ones .

  3. Cindi Hatch

    Thank you for this recipe….and for introducing me to Herbamare! I bought some on Amazon and I have been using it on everything! It's wonderful! I plan on making the pizza very soon.

  4. Pamela Kelly

    Oh my Gayle do I want a slice of that pizza. Doesn't look like you are missing anything with that pizza recipe. I also love parchment paper. I prefer it to foil. Foil sticks so much and tears easy. Thanks again for sharing. Appreciate the time you take to make and post your videos. Happy low carbing….

  5. MakeUpDetective007

    Great video! Just started this diet and I'm still basically starving on it, craving chocolate like crazy, only 3 days in and broke down had about 4 oz of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. I love pasta and pizza. How many of those slices would you say is an appropriate amount to eat as a dinner? Would you have a salad with it? Thanks, just need some pointers!

  6. edhunley

    I appreciate the way you scrape your mixing bowls. It drives me crazy to watch chefs and cooks who leave so much in their bowls to waste. I'm glad to find this crust recipe. One of the things I have missed the most while doing low carb is pizza. I do have one question about your almond meal. I heard you say on another video that you grind your own. So do I. I was wondering, do you toast the almonds before grinding? I usually buy raw nuts.

  7. Laura Ritter

    thanks for testing these recipes out for us and finding all the little tips and 'don't do's'…kind of like America Test Kitchen program on PBS. You've saved me a lot of experimenting and I really appreciate it.

  8. Believe

    Hi Gayle! I just made the pizza and it came out runny. I had to keep adding more coconut flour and more flax meal. (Also my mozzarella was moldy so I used a combo of provolone and cheddar.) Thank you.

  9. Juanelo1946

    Hi Gayle!! This pizza crust looks delicious! If it can support the topping so that you can eat this with your hands, it passes a big test in my book. I need to try this! Thank you so much for sharing a great recipe of Kelly Herring!

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