Diabetic Diet Plan for Type 2 Diabetes


In most cases, types 2 diabetes develops due to overweight problem. Hence, a diabetic diet plan designed for a type 2 diabetic patient serves two purposes. They are:

• Keeping the sugar level in blood under control
• Reducing the excess body weight

In truth, type 2 diabetes can be easily managed by following a well-designed diabetic diet plan. There are several such plans which are particularly designed for type 2 diabetic patients. A type 2 diabetic patient can choose any one of those plans which fulfills his needs.

Now let me show you a type 2 diabetic diet plan which contains food items which control the sugar level in your blood. This diabetic diet plan is divided into several parts. They are:

For breakfast: You can have two slices of bread. But you must avoid white processed bread. You must include one cup of skimmed milk. In addition, you can include one boiled egg and a fruit which has lower sugar content.

For lunch: You can consume one bowl of pasta made from whole grain. Along with it, add two types of vegetables. Then take one serving of meat, either chicken or turkey.

For afternoon snack: This is very essential to prevent the sugar level from dropping down in your blood before the dinner. You can have a fruit and then, two or three saltines or crackers. A half cup of tea or coffee with sugar-free sweetener can also be taken.

For dinner: This is a very tricky part of any diabetic diet plan. Hence, one has to be very careful while choosing food items for dinner. You can have three servings of meat or fish with a half of a baked potato. Then include two types of vegetables and a fruit.

For after-dinner: Here, a cup of milk with a slice of cheese or a few saltines is enough before you go to bed. This will maintain the sugar level in your blood till next day.


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