Problems With Low Carb Diets


You finally decided to cut back the amount of carbohydrate from your diet since one of your not-so-slim friends confesses that this trick worked good for her. You begin to read information both from local magazine to the internet in your search to find if low carb diet really works, amazed when you found out that a lot of actresses and famous personality confessed on the effectiveness of the program. So then you research more only to find out the sad truth behind this fad which begin to rob your excitement out.

There is really no such thing as ‘perfect diet’; each has its own setback. We all experience bumps on the road, just be thankful that you are able to found out the real score before you jump into the bandwagon and pity those people who already subjected their body to the program only to found out later on that it will give them more problem rather than paint a smile on their faces.

People would fall on the trap of eating too much meat in exchange for high carb foods. Although any person would know what low carb diet means, still their information of the list of foods to prevent is insufficient. Moreover, because certain kinds of foods are restricted, it only increases the craving of an individual to desire for that particular food. One good example of this is when a person is used to eating rice everyday and then giving it up abruptly for low card diet. This may result to carb crash and so when the situation gets tougher, the person has no other option but to just give up thinking that it wasn’t meant for him in the first place.

Another problem with low carb diet is that it deprives the body with the necessary nutrients found on fruits and vegetables. To contradict this belief, fruits that are low in sugar are the best foods to be consumed when undergoing this program; this will ensure your body to get the necessary fiber needed in your diet.

Low carb diet is not safe; in fact it can give more problems than benefits! People who are in this kind of program may suffer from high cholesterol level which may lead to arteriosclerosis making the body more prone to heart attack which can eventually lead to death.

Moreover, low card diet which is very high in protein will forsake the ability of the kidney to go on its normal affairs and the protein will cause irregular excretion of calcium. When there is deplete in calcium, it can lead to osteoporosis wherein it is a conditioned which is characterized by very low bone density.  Not only will your bones suffer, when there is low carb in your diet your muscle will become saggy too.

Success on low carb diet is a myth!  People would only lose weight because they are consuming fewer calories. There is no amazing truth behind this fad. Do not be such bamboozle to become the next helpless victim of their lies.


Source by David W Jackson

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