Low Carb vs High Carb Diet (ft. Alan Aragon)

In this video you’ll learn about low carbs vs high carbs diets from a special guest, a well-known master in the nutrition world Alan Aragon.

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Alan is a nutrition researcher and educator with over 20 years of success in the field. He is known as one of the most influential figures in the fitness industry’s movement towards evidence-based information. His notable clients include Stone Cold Steve Austin, Derek Fisher, and Pete Sampras.

He writes a monthly research review (AARR) which provides cutting-edge theoretical and practical information in the fields of exercise and nutrition science. Alan’s work has been published in popular magazines as well as the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

He co-authored Nutrient Timing Revisited (https://jissn.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1550-2783-10-5), the most-viewed article in the history of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Alan maintains a private practice designing programs for recreational, Olympic, and professional athletes.

Key points from the video:

– Carbohydrate intake will greatly depend on what type of sporting activities you’re involved in. Activities that involve high intensity elements, near maximal efforts and a lot of anaerobic type of work will have a higher demand for carbohydrate. Carbohydrate produces more ATP per unit of time than dietary fat.
– Athletes such as sprinters, team sports, boxing, MMA etc.. have either constant and/or intermittent high intensity bouts within their activity so these athletes benefit from providing a sufficient amount of carbohydrate.
– Carbohydrate deprivation isn’t a good idea if you’re doing a lot of activity.
– Because carbs aren’t essential for survival a lot of people get confused about the use of carbohydrate in the body. There’s a clear distinction between essential for survival and optimizing your diet for high intensity activity.
– The current evidence is not in favor of “under-carbing” or certainly going to close to Ketogenic or Ketogenic levels of carbohydrate.
– For body-composition / weight loss the research comparing low carb vs high carb typically tends to show superiority of low carb dieting for a simple goal such as weight loss. The reason for that is because that evidence to date almost always fails to match calorie and protein intake. Even the controlled studies that matched calories didn’t match protein, which of course makes a huge difference as when people cut out carbs they typically eat more protein.
– Once you optimize protein intake and match it between conditions for the goal of fat loss the proportion of carbohydrate and fat makes no meaningful difference.
– The only time the carb – fat ratio does make a difference is if you look at training demands and when you factor in athletic performance then it makes a difference. And a higher carbohydrate intake has been shown to be more beneficial.
– So essentially setup your calories. Then setup your protein in the range of 1.2g per kg to 2.0g per kg of BW. There’s some research indicating even higher than that. If you’re overweight it’s probably a good idea to base your protein intake on FFM which based on a recent review by Eric Helms comes at 2.3 – 3.1 grams of protein per kg of Lean Body Mass. And this is in a hypo caloric / dieting condition.
– When it comes to general diet setup some people will adhere to a calorie deficit better through a low carb diet while others will stay in a calorie deficit easier with a higher carbohydrate intake. It doesn’t take a long time to see what works best for you.
– It’s recommended to test and find out which approach works for you. Give each approach (low carb/high carb) about 1 month.
– Setting up the diet according to your food preferences can be the key factor for long-term adherence.

Talk soon, Mario

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31 Replies to “Low Carb vs High Carb Diet (ft. Alan Aragon)”

  1. Vasilis

    If you are an athlete and do 8 hours boxing training(a ton of HIIT) and 2 hours strenght training per week but also you are overweight(23% bf at 94kg 1.75 height) how many carbs are allowed max? Recomended macros for cutting?

  2. Sange de Tigru

    Cool guy!
    About the video:
    1. carbs doesn't make you fat
    2. excess calories makes you fat
    3. protein and fat has about twice more calories then carbs
    3. 2,2g/kg is way to much protein even for an athlete

  3. JerBear100

    Hi Mario! glad I stumbled upon this channel. I'm really concerned about my body fat and well being. I'm 48 210lb (goal 180) been weight training for 1 year now 3x a week with little success. started 45f 35p 20c , it works okay but have no energy at all. anytime I go high carb low fat I gain back weight. any recommendations? thanks!

  4. Mantas Lukošiūnas

    Hello, Mario, nice chanel! i like descriptions you making, your style of posting people you talking.. Can you help me, find missing some points. Im startet my cut from 92kg on April 18% BF down do 10 BF 73kg today, when applying low carb diet, mostly ketogenic, and as i more get deep in nowdays information, studys – i found always these two types of barricades are atacking each other.. My fat los little struggling now with low carb diet, and i want to try something back with carbs, now im mostly refeeding once a week, but found that sucralose rich refeeds, or after taking biger carbs in 24h window im bloatet after carb up.. maybe its tme to try simple cyckling low carb / high carb (train days) how to understand how much carbs you can handle in measurable way? Its non training day carbs can be eaten first part of the day on cut phase? ( insulin elevation, preventing fat los? ) Its matter of they GI index especialy on non training days?

  5. Patrick

    I'm doing low carb+ intermittent fasting and Strong lifts 5X5 workout. I seem to be losing weight. Is it best to cut carbs to 0? I am tired of these love handles. I am 158lb male at 70inches height. I want them gone within a month or two. Should I avoid taking creatine as well for this time? Is 1k-1.2k calories enough? Similar experience?

  6. Manfred Ronacher

    Hey, is it possible to go for Medium Fat and Medium Carbs? Maybe at this 40% carbs, 30% proteins and 30% Fat? And what you are a say to, dont eat carbs in the morning? Hope you understand my english, is not so good i come from Austria 😉 nice greetz

  7. mrcove1

    What's your view on carb cycling? Alternating from a low carb day to a high carb day for the week.. and scheduling the more intense workouts on the high carb days? Have you personally tried that or have any thoughts on that method? Thanks, I appreciate your videos.

  8. goktrenks

    Nice video Mario,I just would like to say I often find a pain in the ass to have to watch an entire fitness video(not only from your channel,from any channel),so I really enjoy reading the summary on the description,please keep writing it.

  9. Mark R

    i tried low carbs for about 3 months, was just awful for me. I had short term memory loss, couldnt recover, couldnt sleep, blackened eyes, sore muscles all the time, mood swings, bad decision making skills, never again.

  10. Mark R

    nice guy, honest, sincere..subed. I have 28 year of training experience in endurance, speed and strength and conditioning training. Got my degree in ex science and teaching and can honestly say you are looking into the science the right way..well done Mario. Keep it up, its very interesting to listen to and watch.

  11. Francis GIRARD

    Very informative again! I appreciated to learn that carbs were especially good in very high intensity sports like combat sports, etc… I also very much appreciated the distinction betzeen survival versus optimization related to carbs. All in all, very good.

  12. PonderDuke

    Mario have you seen the video "The great protein fiasco" here on youtube. By NutritionFacts.org. There it's being said that 0,8 gram of protein per kg lean body mass. Is enough and more can cause damage. What are your thoughts on that? Or even better what are your facts on that?

  13. Wolfgang Kamir

    This is JUST the information I was looking for – I was really torn between low carb, carb backloading and just regular 40/40/20 or whatever ratios are recommended on various sites… It is insane how much conflicting information is out there. Since I am doing not bad on a keto diet but also noticed some performance loss in the gym (oh nooo, ma gaiiinz!), I will just re-add carbs (in reasonable quantities) while hitting my 180g of prot. Maybe just split 50/50 between carbs and fat and be done with it.

    You got a new subscriber 😉 Thank you!

  14. Aaron Mack

    hi Mario your video is interesting sorry I post comments all the time lol depends what body type you have for me I don't do good on a low carb diet if I drop my carbs to 150 g of starchy carbs I don't have the energy I burn carbs fast protein in the other hand my body takes a long time to metabolize it same with fat if I eat to much protein I feel sleepy weak,tired and have lot of gas on a fat loss I burn more fat when I have more carbs more energy more calories spend calories in calories out also the carbs you eat matter alot I don't get any energy from simple sugars at all but complex carbs oatmeal,brown rice,sweet potato etc other people might be different where they can metabolize protein faster

  15. Dr Robert Horny

    Best fitness/self improvement channel so far. Dont know why so little views. Perhaps quality over quantity or maybe poor promotion/advertisement ? Commercial broscience channels have +500k subs lol…man.

    I'v been with Shockingfit.com since 2012 I remember like it was today when I downloaded "leangains sample meal plan" in XLS file . Got great results with it. Back then there was no single "Hey its Mario here" video. Nice progress. Interviews with fitness/nutrition Titans are milestone also. Great work.

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