Draw Backs with Low Carb Diets


There are a lot of low carb diets out there such as the very famous Atkins diet. Low carb diets have been the perhaps most popular diet type for a few years now. But are there any drawbacks to consider.

The basic idea behind low carb diets is that you should force your body to burn fat from the bodies fat depots for energy. This is done by restricting the calorie intake making sure that the body does not get enough carbs to cover the bodies energy demand. The process of burning fat for energy in the body releases something called ketones into your bloodstream. The ketones are then later expelled from your body with your urine. The process of expelling the ketones from your blood increases the strain on your kidneys. This might lead to kidney problems in the long run.

Other draw backs with a low carb diet includes the fact that your body does not get all the nutrients it needs which can cause problems if a low carb diet is kept over a longer period of time. A low carb diet excludes too many food types and nutrients to be a suitable long time diet option.

A low carb diet may also cause your body to burn protein that it takes from muscle tissue. It is for this reason very important to train your muscles regularly if you keep a low carb diet. Muscles can count for a large percentage of your weight loss during a low carb diet if you do not train during the diet.

Low carb diets also often causes you to expel large amounts of water which can account for a large percentage of the weight loss during a low carb diet. Water weight that you lost during your diet will quickly return after the diet has ended.

A low carbs diet can also make you feel that you have less energy (which you in fact have) and it can therefore be hard to perform more intensive training. The muscles do not have their best fuel to work with, carbs. You might therefore be forced to train less intensive during a low carb diet. This makes low carb diets less suitable for those who are used to intensive training especially in the long run.

Low Carb diets has several draw backs but can be a very good diet form in the short run and can be used to help get you started on your way to a more slender body. It is however not suitable to be used over long periods of time. The good old way to lose weight is best in the long run, a stable diet and training.


Source by William Berg

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