Why Low Carb Dieting May Not Be For You


Low carb dieting is one of the most popular type of diets. Well known diets such as Atkins Diet and South Beach Diet are probably two of the most prominent low carb diets. Many people who have tried these diets have reported that they do work if you follow the diet strictly and if possible forever. Otherwise, the weight you lost might be gained back quickly once you stop the diet.

So what is low carb dieting about? Low carb dieting is simply to avoid or eliminate food that are made up of carbohydrates. This simple rule makes the diet easy for most people to follow. The diet is based on the fact that eating of excessive carbohydrates often result in weight gain. Thus the diet allows the dieter to take in as much calories as they want as long as they eliminate carbohydrates totally. In fact, sugars are to be avoided as well. Thus desserts and drinks such as coffee, wine are to be avoided as well.

When on a low carb dieting, you have to give up bread and pasta from their diet. This can be very hard on people who love sandwiches or a nice piping hot plate of spaghetti. Some people may also find that it is hard to go low carb when they dine outside at restaurants and cafes. However, if you are a meat lover or seafood lover, this low carb dieting may be just the thing for you! Low carb diets often allow plenty of meat like beef, chicken and seafood like fish, crab.

Some experts argue that low carb dieting is not healthy due to the large amount of calories as well as the amount of protein allowed in the diet and that it is bad for the body long term. However, many people have reported to have great success with this diet when they follow the diet strictly. But once they got off the diet, the weight lost often returned quickly. Furthermore, some people reported that they smell bad whilst on this type diet.

Thus, unless you hate bread, potatoes and pasta, this diet may not be for you! Sure you may lose some weight in the beginning, but once you are weak and succumb to the temptation of such food, you might gain more weight!


Source by Penny Theron

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