What Can Atkins Nutritional Approach Do For You?


Atkins Nutritional Approach is a famous diet program devised by Dr. Robert Atkins that promotes a low-carbohydrate diet. The two causes addressed by Atkins Nutritional approach are obesity and increased intake of processed carbohydrates. Many health related complications like obesity and heart problemss can be avoided with this diet plan. The low-carb diet itself results in a process called ketosis, that means in the absence of carbohydrates, body uses up the stored trans fats to meet the body's energy requirements resulting in instant weight loss

Atkins Nutritional Approach

Atkins diet advises few nutritional supplements high in proteins, fats, 24 essential nutrients and fiber content. The low-carb diet improves the metabolism of our body. The concept of net-carbs results in a controlled blood-sugar level. Its nutritional approach is divided in to four stages namely induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance and lifetime maintenance.

A wide variety of vitamins and mineral supplements help in other internal functions of the body. The EFA (Essential fatty acids) are also provided through the supplements like Atkins Shakes, Atkins bars and Atkins juices etc. The nutritional approach reduces risk factors for coronary heart diseases, unfavorable blood pressure to a great extent. Hyperinsulinism or excessive insulin can be well controlled with this diet. Atkins diet is a fast way to control and reduce weight. The nutritional approach rebalances our diet and sets a goal weight which needs to be maintained. It's an easy way to reduce and get back in shape.

Atkins Diet-The Way to go!

Atkins diet is surely an exclusive way to keep a check on one's weight and improvise one's mental and physical state. The low-carb way is a well devised technique to reduce one's weight. The plan is subjective and individualistic and different vitanutrients are prescribed for different people. It helps us in overall well-being and helps us in maintaining a positive, healthy outlook towards life. Atkins nutritional approach is a scientifically proven health strategy.

Atkins nutritional approach provides us with permanent protection from diseases and disorders. It even makes us food aware and helps us cut down on alcohol and caffeine intake. All in all, it's a fast and an easy way to reduce and manage your weight.

The atkins diet has always been controversial and many questions were raised on its efficacy however more and more studies are proving many of the things Dr Atkins claimed and was initially rediculed for as being true.

So much so that there are now numerous variations of the low carb diet with most of them helping with weightloss and lifestyle improvement.


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